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Im trying to up load a config file from a previous backup of the 4850gts.  Im getting the % error - number of switches incorrect.  I am able to backup the current config and restore it but not the one from last month.

Any ideas.



Avaya (Blue) / Nortel IP Telephony / How do you include a * in a username?
« Last post by teknokat on December 14, 2017, 12:43:42 PM »
Hello All,

I've got a pile of 1120e phones, flashed OK to use the latest v4 of the SIP firmware.  The phones work fine with my single extension Voipfone account.

However if I want to login to a particular extension, the format from Voipfone is username*ext
 e.g. 3011353*201

How do I enter a * into the username field?  I can't use # either.   My other option is to use AutoLogin instead but that seems to have it's own complications !!

Anyone ?    Pete

... this is fixed on "both ends", Firefox v57.0.x and BOSS v5.11.0.011.

Make sure your SSL certificate on ERS has the actual size of 2048 bits:

ERS4926-02#sho ssl
WEB Server SSL secured: Yes
SSL server state      : Active
SSL Certificate       :
        Generation in progress: No
        Saved in NVRAM        : Yes
        Certificate file size : 804 bytes
        RSA host key length   : 2048 bits

If not, you can re-create this certificate by:

conf t
ssl certificate
ssl reset

Good luck
I think this is fixed in the latest Firefox....

This has been a huge pain, I basically run an older ver of Firefox (v36), make sure it's set not update, and use that only to mange the avaya switches.
Extreme / Avaya / Nortel Ethernet Switching / Re: Schedule PoE Shutdown
« Last post by krc on December 06, 2017, 04:00:39 PM »
The following bash/snmp script can point you in the right direction:


# poe blip port choice

 if [ $# -eq 0 ] ; then
        echo "USAGE: $(basename $0) <switch-name> <unit#> <PortSNMPIndex#>"
       exit 1

# poe off
echo "PoE down on Port:$2"
snmpset -v2c -c <snmp-write-string> $1$2.$3 i 2

echo "sleep for 3 secs"
sleep 3

echo "PoE up on Port:$2"
snmpset -v2c -c <snmp-write-string> $1$2.$3 i 1

Building from above:
You can basically do a dump of the poe ports, via snmp, then send the snmp cmd to shut them all down, then reverse that to bring them up. Then just add the two scripts to cron for whenever.

Extreme / Avaya / Nortel Ethernet Switching / Re: SNMP monitoring of SPB interfaces
« Last post by krc on December 06, 2017, 03:51:13 PM »
I have a script which runs every minute and basically grabs the adjacency list as well as do a count, then save that to compare to the next poll and post that to our monitoring system.

Snippet from script (two vars):
adjcount=`snmpwalk -t8 -v2c -Ov -c <snmp-string> <host> . | wc -l`
adjs=`snmpwalk -t8 -v2c -Ov -c <snmp-string> <host> .`

I compare the count and if it's lower, bells go off and the "diff" is also noted/shown, if the count increases then nothing happens.

I also watch the SPB adjacency "up-timer", low count (timeticks) sets bells off.
spbnames        : : branch
circuituptime   : . : branch

General Discussion / Re: Minimum configuration to a backbone core solution
« Last post by Michael McNamara on December 05, 2017, 01:56:35 PM »
Welcome to the forums.

There are plenty of ways to manage a large network either in-band or out-of-band and you don't need to build a Data Center. You might need multiple 'sensors' or collectors to employ performance and availability monitoring but that could be done with a few dedicated servers hosted in any number of different colos.

The actual solution you choose and it's architecture will likely be based on the equipment that you choose to use.

Good Luck!
General Discussion / Krone block what does Trib stand for ?
« Last post by zillah on December 05, 2017, 04:48:21 AM »
Dear Experts

Sorry if it the wrong forum to discuss this

I am using a lot of Krone block at my work, what does "Trib" stands for ?

I tried to google work "Trib" but couldn't find an answer ,,,maybe searching phrase that I was using not the proper one

General Discussion / Minimum configuration to a backbone core solution
« Last post by mariobehring on December 04, 2017, 06:42:58 PM »
Hi list,

I have to build a minimum configuration to manage the following environment:

# 7000 km Fiber Optics Backbone connecting 79 cities
# 1550 total points attended by the backbone. Number of points per city is different.
# DWDM, Metro Ethernet and GPON technologies will be used.
# Each point should have 30Mbps minimum
# Total network capacity should be 110Gbps
# The network, when in use, will have Internet, VoIP, Audio and Video traffic.

For now, this is still a project, but the company that is designing the project is saying that they need to build a brand new Tier 3 Data Center where they would have the Core Switches, several Blade Servers, Storages and some other equipment....just to be able to manage this network...and that is raising costs too much.

I donīt think that a whole Data Center and all this equipment is necessary, so I want to propose a single Technical Room, fully equipped and protected of course, but a Room nevertheless, not an entire DC! Letīs call it a Mini DC. I donīt think we need many Storages or Servers also...

Anyway, what should be minimum configuration for us to be able to connect and manage this backbone and network?

Any help is appreciated.
Extreme / Avaya / Nortel Ethernet Switching / Re: Schedule PoE Shutdown
« Last post by pat2012 on December 04, 2017, 05:57:33 PM »
Hi franc308.

I've never used this feature so this is based solely on what I understand from the documentation - Configuring Systems.

Try to following commands to check your configuration:

show energy-saver

show energy-saver schedule

show energy-saver interface 3/19

The documentation also says that before you make any configuration changes you should first disable AES globally.

Configuring port-based AES
Before you begin
Disable AES globally.

About this task
Use this procedure to enable or disable energy saving for the accessed port, an alternate individual
port, or a range of ports.

1. Enter Ethernet Interface Configuration mode:
configure terminal
interface Ethernet <port>

2. At the command prompt, enter the following command:
[default] [no] energy-saver [enable] [port <portlist> enable]
3. Press Enter.

Configuring AES scheduling

Before you begin
Disable AES globally.

About this task
Use the following procedure to configure an on and off time interval for the switch to enter lower
power states. The time interval can be a complete week, complete weekend, or individual days.

1. Enter Global Configuration mode:
configure terminal

2. At the command prompt, enter the following command:
energy-saver schedule {weekday|weekend|monday|tuesday|wednesday|
thursday|friday|saturday|sunday} <hh:mm> {activate|deactivate}

3. Press Enter.

I hope this helps.
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