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Yep. Im just trying to figure out if I have a procedure problem or these cables on getting this testbed operational. I have a week or 2 before I have to deploy 4 IDFs and id much rather stack instead of run them all standalone.

Edit: switches are FW: and SW:
Mmh, I guess it will work, but I'd try to test it before deploying this in production.

Maybe an idea what one of my customers did, he sent one of this 5600 cable to an cable manufacturer and he was able to "reproduce" this cable by an 1:1 copy for an cpl. of euros.

good luck  ;)
Because Somebody before me threw those cables out because we have "plenty of them already" not knowing they were different.

So now I'm stuck with a few dozen 5500 cables and maybe 1 5600 cable and that's only if our spare for our data center wasn't raided already. I highly doubt it though.

Which is why I have this post. Is it technically possible to use these 5500 cables on a pure 5600 stack even if it's only 80gbps?
ok, understood - the only supported version to stack pure 5600 is to use the 5600 stacking cables.

I guess you'll have limited intra-stack bandwidth by using the 5500 stacking cables.

Each 5600 came with its own 5600 stacking cable, therefore it's not clear why you'll try get this running with 5500 cables.
Nortel / Avaya Ethernet Switching / Re: ERS 4850GTS-PWR+ loops diag "burn in"
« Last post by MatzeKS on Yesterday at 01:48:51 AM »
Hi 7rrivera7,

my recommendation would be:
- save the current status of config in binary and ASCII on USB stick
- reboot the switch and interrupt the boot sequence to get access to the diag menu
- in that menu please choose the option to erase all existing configuration
- upload the diag and image again from connected USB stick
- reboot the switch after that, set the IP/NM/DefGW and restore the binary config

If that not helps you'll need to RMA this box.

Good luck
I understand that but thats not exactly what I meant by my question. These stacks will ONLY have 5600 series switches, but using 5500 series stack cables. Are you saying that the 5500 series stack cables just dont support 144gbps?

Anyways, I spent some time fooling around with the switches. FW and SW match on all of them, but I for the life of me cant get them to stack.

Factory defaulted both switches, set base, powered down, connected, powered up. Units just reboot after some pre-determined time because they default to reboot im guessing. Set the hybrid mode settings, set base with UI button, tried a few other power on or connection combinations with no luck. Basically when switches boot they never turn the ports on, hence no switch ip or no stack ip. Switches in stack 1 port led for one of the SFP ports blinks in succession. Im guessing this is some form of stack activity or diag as it always starts at the bottom, then mid, then base. 

Do the 56 series stack the same way as a 55 series or am I having these difficulties because im using 5500 series cables? I couldnt find an instruction doc or tutorial to set up a fresh stack, just some for adding switches to existing stacks (if anybody wants to be kind enough and point me to one of those docs)
Nortel / Avaya Ethernet Switching / Re: Internet slow after creating VLANs
« Last post by topendharness on April 26, 2017, 08:09:05 PM »
Hi Andrew, are you able to provide some further information about the connectivity of the switch and firewall and possibly how the internet is being connected i.e. ISP modem, any local servers, DMZ?

Nortel / Avaya Ethernet Switching / ERS 4850GTS-PWR+ loops diag "burn in"
« Last post by 7rrivera7 on April 26, 2017, 05:18:55 PM »
This switch was configured and tested before being deployed. It came with v5.6 and to get it to the latest release of 5.10 I had to apply intermediate diags and images.

Aside from a serial connection I also had a network connection with a constant ping to the switch so I know when it's "really" up.

The config of the switch was maintained during the upgrade to 5.8 diag and 5.7 image. However, after moving to the 5.10 image the switch now stays in a diag burn-in loop. I have to interrupt and select load image from the menu in order to get the switch up and running. During the upgrade, the switch also lost its config so I had to restore it from my backup.

I tried looking for a menu option to turn off burn-in mode but can't find one. The switch is in production and if it looses power and the UPS runs out it's going to get stuck in that loop...
... the slowest device defines the speed of these uplinks.
You'll have 8x 80Gbps (640 Gbps) for an 8 unit stack.
The 5600 must be the Base unit in all cases of stacking with 5500.

Ive done some searching and seen a few posts where 5600 and 5500 switches can stack together in a hybrid mode and be limited to 80gbps. Got it.

So what happens if I stack only 5600 series switches using 5500 series cables? Does the switch know and hop down to 80gbps from 144gbps? Do I just enable hybrid mode to force this? or does it try to run at 144mbps and maybe reliability will suffer?

I dont know where all of our 5600 stack cables went but I have a surplus of 5500 stack cables.

For my application 80gbps is way more than enough. Im only stacking for ease of management and to free up my 10gbps ports.
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