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I understand management is much easier when you put them in the same vlan, done that with most of the other rollouts of ap's in combination with the rfs7000.

But in this specific case the requirement is to separete them . Only for rf domain manager purposes they have to be visible for each other. That's why i was thinking of placing all ap's in a separate vlan for rf-domain control purposes only.
There's no need to have the APs themselves on separate subnets. You'll find things much easier to manage if you put them all in the same vlan, and then manage them by setting their areas and profiles.
Hi Guys,

Been struggling with getting the right setup/ configuration for a mixed environment of ap6532 and ap7532 both on differtent subnets.
the situation is :
local floor all ap6532 ap's subnet A / ap6532 profile (vlan 1 untagged / others tagged)
first floor and second floor all ap7232 ap's subnet B / ap7532 profile (vlan 3 untagged/ others tagged)
Both are adopted by an rfs7000 in a Datacenter and are doing smart-rf per floor.

Following the documentation i needed to configure one rf-domain but for mint2 links to work right i need to configure a control vlan otherwise all ap's are adopted by the adoption controller wich is then the rf-domain manager for this RF-domain (current situation, but in case of line failure not future proof). But since both ap's are on differtent subnets segementated by vlan's how am i able to archieve this??

Was thinking of creating a separate vlan voor control purposes , on the other hand is this really the way to go?

FYI I was able to reproduce the issue and fix it:

set the LACP keys once more on the ports.

So my normal procedure was - with a fully configured and working LACP trunk as starting point:
no lacp aggr enable
add new vlans to the ports
lacp aggr enable

Last weekend we had to add some more VLANs on our backbone links (2x10g between the two stacks) and yes, the show mlt output stopped even listing those two.
Out of paranoia I re-did some of the LACP settings, including the LACP admin key.

4526GTX(config)#interface fastEthernet 1/25-26
4526GTX(config-if)#lacp aggregation enable
4526GTX(config-if)#lacp key 42
4526GTX(config-if)#lacp mode active
4526GTX(config-if)#lacp timeout-time short

With that extra step the bug is avoided.
For clarity - in a show running-config you'd still see the LACP key. but something was off, and re-configuring the same key does fix it.
Nortel / Avaya Ethernet Switching / ACL in Nortel BackBone
« Last post by olguarabaci on August 15, 2017, 01:28:12 AM »
I want to learn smth about ACL in Avaya 8800 series Backbone. İs ACL block the flow in software or hardware level? Do you know anything about this?
Extreme / Zebra / Motorola Wireless LAN Switches / Re: rfs4000 firmware
« Last post by DCLtd on August 09, 2017, 02:27:31 PM »
I appreciate the reply. Thanks for taking the time to answer.
Nortel / Avaya Ethernet Switching / Re: Avaya 4800 and IPOffice instalation
« Last post by beconnect on August 09, 2017, 01:55:02 PM »

I already have the ports with data vlan as Pvid. So i think i only need the config of voice and fhe flexible setting.

Thanks for your share ;)
Nortel / Avaya Ethernet Switching / Re: Avaya 4800 and IPOffice instalation
« Last post by bbinder on August 09, 2017, 01:49:43 PM »
Here's how it's explained:
Code: [Select]
switch(config)#vlan configcontrol ?
  automatic  AutoPVID and automatic change to membership of port-based VLANs
  autopvid   Automatic change to PVID
  flexible   No restricts or automatic changes
  strict     AutoPVID and restrictions imposed on adding port to VLAN and
             changing tagging
Flexible isn't going to change anything until you tell it to, which is what I like.  If I add a VLAN to a port that didn't have said membership, it has changed the membership to the new VLAN as the PVID, which wreaked havoc for me until I reproduced in the office. 
I don't want to be caught by surprise when I add a VLAN and it uses that new VLAN as the PVID, which ... in my earlier years of working with the equipment hit me once and then I put in safeguards to stop that from happening.  I haven't had any issues with the flexible setting and have used it ever since.
Nortel / Avaya Ethernet Switching / Re: Avaya 4800 and IPOffice instalation
« Last post by beconnect on August 09, 2017, 01:40:58 PM »


now I am aware of this :).

But isn't autopvid and the fliexible setting similar?

Nortel / Avaya Ethernet Switching / Re: Avaya 4800 and IPOffice instalation
« Last post by bbinder on August 09, 2017, 11:25:32 AM »
Correct - there are a few commands that get you to the same conclusion - some of the commands also depend on your revision of code.  Yes, yours will work just fine.
My only other comment is because we have been burned on not checking it out prior to making some of the VLAN changes...
I ensure that prior to running those commands, I also do a
Code: [Select]
vlan configcontrol flexibleI've been guilty of getting all my stuff together, then having the config set for
Code: [Select]
vlan configcontrol autopvid and ... all the ports we change with the voice VLAN become the new PVID on the ports and we cause a connectivity issue for all devices connected to said ports.  Been there, done that :(
So now when I write my configs for copy/paste operations, I always include that line so I ensure I'm not going to accidentally change 200 VLANs on accident and kick myself out of the switch or anything.
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