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Nortel / Avaya Ethernet Switching / Schedule PoE Shutdown
« Last post by franc308 on Yesterday at 06:00:14 AM »

I am using EDM to enable PoE shutdown and it is not working. I am performing the following steps:

Energy Saver Globals: Turned PoePowerSavingEnabled

Energy Saver Schedules = ScheduleDay: Weekdays | ScheduleHour: 23 | ScheduleMinute: 0 | ScheduleAction: Activate

Ports = Port: 3/19 | EnergySaverEnable: True | EnergySaverPoEStatus: Disabled

I checked the Switch's time and it's correct.

Please, can anyone help me?

Thank you very much.
Nortel / Avaya Ethernet Switching / ERS4850 and SW Ver 51
« Last post by WindyMiller on Yesterday at 01:59:12 AM »

Has anyone had issues with upgrading Ethernet Routing Switch 4850GTS-PWR+ to SW:v5.11.0.011

We've experienced 2 stacks stop working and required a full power down to recover, switch 1 (base) can't see the rest of the stack?
Nortel / Avaya Ethernet Switching / QOS Remote
« Last post by geswek on November 13, 2017, 10:16:24 AM »
I wanted to get an opinion on my QOS; taking a stable at shaping the circuit so it doesn't exceed 20MB.
It is a remote site with 20MB AT&T ASE circuit to a 2GB headend.

Port 48 is the uplink port -- hardset to 100MB FULL.

qos if-group name DefaultTrustAll class trusted
interface Ethernet ALL
qos if-shaper port 48 name 20M shape-rate 18000 burst-size 2048
interface Ethernet ALL
qos if-queue-shaper port 48 queue 1 name 20MB shape-rate 20000 shape-min-rate 18000
qos if-assign port ALL name DefaultTrustAll
!qos agent buffer maximum
!qos agent queue-set 4
qos traffic-profile classifier name 20MB addr-type ipv4 eval-order 10
qos traffic-profile set port 48 name 20MB meter-mode uniform-per-policy committed-rate 20000 committed-burst-size 1024 drop-out-action disable track-statistics individual
Are there anybody can provide the followed RFS6000 RFS7000 firmware ?
Thanks.If you can provide us the followed firmware, we can provide you the lastest 5.9.1 winG firmware for exchange,Thanks.

to upgrade our br-rfs6000 and br-rfs7000,Thanks for help
Nortel / Avaya Ethernet Switching / Interesting bug - ERS59XX code v7.4.0.009
« Last post by TankII on November 08, 2017, 02:41:53 PM »
One of my engineers found a bug yesterday on our newly deployed ERS59100's.  He discovered an issue with IPFIX and the ability to save the binary configuration to TFTP.

Issuing the command:    copy config tftp address x.x.x.x file avaya-ers59100-config.cfg
Results in output of:
Upload failed
Invalid argument

Disabling IPFIX globally allows the tftp copy to work.
Disabling IPFIX on a single port while connected to the port, while IPFIX is enabled globally, allows the tftp copy to work.

While is out, this issue is not in the bugfix list.

For us, we have not completed our conversion from ERS8800's to VSP8254's so we still get full flow data.  Disabling it on the uplinks to the Core on the 59100's is no big loss.

Nortel / Avaya Ethernet Switching / Re: SPB-M for critical infrastructure?why not?
« Last post by TankII on November 08, 2017, 02:35:57 PM »
I would talk with your sales rep to see which industrial complexes have embraced it to that end.
I know several large health systems have done so, and while the data might be different, the security + transport needs are similar.
Nortel / Avaya Ethernet Switching / SPB-M for critical infrastructure?why not?
« Last post by Sja on November 08, 2017, 08:11:09 AM »

Any one know about case study for SPB-M in critical infrastructure?

I taking a bout electric and oil and gas kind of deployment.
The trend is to move from SONT/SDH to MPLS-TP or carrier Ethernet
I donít see why SPB could not be a player in that segment ?

Any thoughts about that?
Nortel / Avaya IP Telephony / can't call out
« Last post by saturnin55 on November 06, 2017, 03:35:46 PM »

This is a long shot since this forum is pretty quiet ;) Hopefully someone can steer me in the right direction.

So, I have a bcm50 with digital phones. It's all working correctly.

I added keycode for ip phones, plugged a 1210 and it's detected and up. I can receive and make internal call to other sets on the system. I can also receive calls from physical lines.

My problem is that this set can't do outgoing calls that use the physical lines. I checked the restrictions and there's none, Line Pool Access is the same as my digital phones.

Basically, any time I start dialing a number that doesn't match one of the sets on the bcm, i get the busy tone immediately.

Any idea ? thanks
Thanks MatzeKS.

What document did you get the information from?  Did the search point you to a particular document?

It's interesting that they seem to suggest that all ports in a lane should be affected.  However, in my case, port 9 is in the same lane as port 12 (which reported the errors), but port 9 continues to operate normally.

Thanks again.
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