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My experience with hybrid stack, going back to ES450 stacked with BPS2000, is that it's a solution best left alone. Stack 5500s with 5500s and 5600s with 5600s. 5510 has limits on a number of features compared to the 5520/5530, I have some traumatic memories of mixing even these two siblings in a stack!
I would suggest a loopback interface running OSPF in passive mode... you could assign a /32 address to the loopback, let OSPF figure out the routing, then you have a single IP address to manage the switch/router regardless of what /30 network is up or running to get to said device.

HP Networking / challenging wide network OSPF + HP comware + OOB management :)
« Last post by romnet on September 10, 2018, 02:18:45 PM »
Hey guys, I'm looking for your opinion on the following :

Big routed network for a country-wide tetra network. We have routers (actually L3 switches from HP) that are in several locations, all connected by various long-haul (licensed) wireless links.

My concern is : the client previously broadcasted a management vlan with all its OOB management interfaces, let's say vlan number 100. There was also a OSPF instance running on all switches connected to between 1 and 4 other switches (mesh network). On top of that STP running as well :)

I'm trying to figure out good practices I could propose them :

1st approach : change all links between switches to "route" mode and not bridge (cisco equivalent : no switchport), and then make all vlans actually routed. In this scenario, I guess I need to have on small, let's say /30 network for local management that will be routed, each location having it's all /30 management network.

2nd approach : keep the same mix as they did, with OSPF + vlans running together, good thing is the management vlan is the same everywhere and is not affected by OSPF malfunctions :D

That's a tricky question I think, 1st approach looks better to me, but I have never deployed such wide network with routing + OOB management  :) any clues ?
Extreme / Avaya / Nortel Ethernet Switching / Re: Stacking with Avaya 5650-TD & 5510/20
« Last post by MatzeKS on September 06, 2018, 01:57:45 AM »
Hi, as well the 56xx needs to be the Base-Unit (BU).

I would not recommend that design, as well you will limit the "Stacking-Power" to the level of the 55xx.

Extreme / Avaya / Nortel Ethernet Switching / Re: Stacking with Avaya 5650-TD & 5510/20
« Last post by Telair on September 05, 2018, 01:15:27 PM »
It's been a little while since I used a hybrid stack, but I recall they had to be running the same firmware version across all the switches.  The last version that supported the 5510/5520/5530's and 5600's was v6.3.6.  So I don't think this is going to work for you.  If you need 10Gig ports, you may have to look for a 5530 that has the two XFP ports on it.
Extreme / Avaya / Nortel Ethernet Switching / Nortel / Avaya 55xx Fan replacement
« Last post by AVAGO on September 05, 2018, 10:49:21 AM »

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Extreme / Avaya / Nortel Ethernet Switching / Stacking with Avaya 5650-TD & 5510/20
« Last post by AVAGO on September 05, 2018, 04:39:43 AM »
   Looking to add a 5650-TD to our current stack of 5510/20 so that we can use the 10GB xfp between two buildings, But I'm not sure if stacking between these is possible with FW-6.6.x even when set to operate as a hybrid

The stack as is has the 5520-PoE as the base and has 3 additional 5510 in the stack, so looking at removing one of the 5510 then make the 5650 the base, need to leave the 5520 in as its providing power to some AP's

any advice greatfully received
Avaya (Blue) / Nortel Call Servers / 8XX Number in Target Lines (BCM)
« Last post by scottb8888 on September 03, 2018, 09:47:51 AM »
Bring to use a "new" 833 number as a target line with the receive digits as 833********.  The BCM does not recognize the new *xx code recently released (More recent that BCM :)
I've never worked with these models of blade switches, but I've noticed that they to have SPB support. Have you looked for that in the documentation? It might be the easy way around the LACP problem...
Extreme / Avaya / Nortel Wireless LAN / NX5500 and AP7522 confusion
« Last post by peawet08 on August 29, 2018, 09:36:43 AM »

I wonder if you can help...

I have inherited an NX5500 controller and I hate it!!  Having used Cisco, Ubiquiti and Sonicwall before, this is the worse I have used, but I have to work with it.

Are there any good guides that would help me understand.configure the unit?  I am googling and finding information piecemeal but it doesn't always explain things well.

I have setup the controller on a 2 VLANs (v10 = MGMT, v11=Control)
Setup a Wireless network and assigned the wireless in the default profile for the AP7522.

I have some access points that have previously connected to this controller (in a different configuration) or to another Controller.  2 Access Points are showing as online but the remaining access points are not being adopted.
I have tried setting up DHCP (with option 191) on the Control network and some of the AP's have received IP addresses but not all.

Is it possible to trigger a scan from the controller to list AP's on the v11 VLAN?

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