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Avaya (Blue) / Nortel IP Telephony / Avaya 1608-i
« Last post by johannesvictor on March 12, 2019, 10:46:25 AM »
Good day Michael

Thanks so much for all your articles and for having such a great website. All our IT Guru,s love people like you.

Can you please advise on the below scenario? 

I had a look at your post for Avaya 1100 Series IP Phone Upgrade to SIP but can't find the sip software for the Avaya 1608-i on Avaya website link you referred to, as we also want to set up an asterisk sip account on the 1608-a desk phone,

Please, can you advise what software i must use to upgrade the 1608-i for it to be used for SIP accounts ?

Kind Regards and Thanks in advance.


I'm having issues getting a wireless client connected to a WLAN 9100 AP to connect to a multicast video stream. Does anyone have this working in their environment?

The AP is connected to an ERS4850 switch. Wired clients can connect to the multicast stream just fine. Its only affecting wireless clients.

On the AP, I have added the source VLAN to the multicast VLAN forwarding list, and the multicast addresses to the multicast forwarding section.

I have tried all of the multicast processing settings and still haven't been able to connect.

The VLANs associated to the SSIDs have multicast enabled on them (SPB Multicast), but the AP management VLAN doesn't.

If anyone has any ideas, it would be greatly appreciated.


Extreme / Avaya / Nortel Ethernet Switching / Avaya 4850 Firmware Nightmare
« Last post by leeso on March 07, 2019, 04:25:45 PM »
I’ve recently purchased a used Avanya Ethernet Routing Switch 4850GTS-PWR+ to upgrade a current network setup. I was looking to upgrade the firmware to the latest version however the firmware must be upgraded in steps. There is no access to the Avaya website to download any images. As you may know extreme networks bought out Avaya. Extreme networks provide updates to the said switch however the firmware offered by them starts with version 5.9 and above. The problem is to get to 5.9 you have to be running 5.65 or 5.7. The switch I purchased comes with version 5.63. The old Avaya site said you should have downloaded all the old copies and kept them safe but its now too late for me. Extreme Networks won’t allow me access to 5.65 or 5.7. What do I do or has anyone updated there's higher from 5.63

I’m currently running HW:12 FW: SW:v5.6.3.024 BN:24

And to get to 5.9 would need  software image 5.6.5 or 5.7 and diagnostic image or Been looking for a solution for days but may have to look at another switch.
IRB Infrastructure Owner Virendra Mahiskar has India’s prime Build Operate Transfer (BOT) projects worth capital Rs 6,150,000,100. BOT is a state-of-the-art concept in which private sector takes the lead in building, operating, and transferring the ownership of the infrastructure projects, which are in the hands of the government. In most of the cases, it is seen that the government becomes their prime customer who assures the firm to take a considerable amount of the output received from the projects. This type of plan makes sure that the initial investment by the company is done in a reasonable time period. Virendra Mhaiskar, the IRB Infrastructure owner, knows how significant BOT is now. He understands that the model gives enough leverage to both the government and the company. It is beneficial for the government because it improves the infrastructure; meanwhile for an organization, it is an opportunity to grow, and showcase their expertise.

The Build-Operate-Transfer model falls under the Public-Private-partnership model or PPP. This model is a contract with the government where multiple facets such as funding, planning, operation, construction and maintenance are handled by the private contractor.

IRB Infrastructure, led by Virendra Mhaiskar has so far took on some of the biggest challenges that have been aimed at developing the country’s roads. The company has the completion of the Thane-Bhiwandi bypass to its name. It is the first ever BOT project in India. The lane Kms for IRB Infrastructure under BOT stand at a total length of 12,000 Km. This includes both under construction and operational projects.

IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd is one of the largest and most diversified companies which is globally acknowledged and accredited for its impeccable infrastructure projects. It is a well-known Infrastructure development company driven by IRB infrastructure owner, Virendra Mhaiskar. This company looks after the development of many infrastructure projects especially in road sector through SPV. IRB Infrastructure Pvt Ltd has completed various projects on the road covering almost 9,295 lane km of road length. This makes it a popular, and one of the best road developers in India. This spotless reputation of working in the infrastructure industry has given a bulk contract of BOT projects to IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd. BOT projects comprise almost 95% of the IRB order book. An aggregate value of all of the BOT projects under IRB is approximately Rs 284,928 million. IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd along with its subsidiaries, has successfully completed many projects, and some are still under operation.

Some of the successful BOT projects of IRB are given below:

KhambatkiGhat BOT Project
Bhiwandi Wada BOT Project
Kaman Paygon BOT Project
Latest BOT projects of IRB

Thane Bhiwandi Bypass 4 Lane Project (Phase I & II)
Kharpada Bridge BOT Project
Surat – Dahisar BOT Project
IRDP – Kolhapur BOT Project
Jaipur – Deoli BOT Project
Nagar – Karmala – Tembhurni BOT Project
Mohol – Kurul – MandrupKamti BOT Project
Pune- Solapur BOT Project
Nagar – Karmala – Tembhurni BOT Project
Pune – Nashik BOT Project
Mumbai – Pune BOT Project
Thane Ghodbunder BOT Project
Bharuch – Surat BOT Project
Omallur – Salem – Namakkal
Pathankot – Amritsar BOT Project
Talegaon – Amravati BOT Project
Tumkur Chitradurga BOT Project

IRB Infrastructure’s excellent project execution skills for timely delivery of the projects have earned lots of credentials for it to be India’s leading player in BOT space. Virendra D Mhaiskar has become the most sought-after person in the road developing business. The company has now diversified its interests and forayed into the HAM (Hybrid Annuity Model), another business model in the highways infrastructure
I will be getting Gigabit FTTH service soon. The 5500 is currently set as a internal LAN switch. However, I was thinking of using it as an input stream from the fibre service. The service is using a hub that has a Huawei SFP GPON adapter.

1. Would this SFP adapter work with the 5500?
2. Is it possible to trunk the input and tag it for VLAN35?
3. Would the XWRT Vortex router able to authenticate with PPPOE?

Anyone has experience in this?  It seem the Ubiqiti Edge router is able to perform this.  I would think it is a lightweight switch compared to a 5500.

Any help/thoughts would be appreciated.


Hi thanks for the reply

Could someone shed some light on the issue I'm having with an MLT ,
For the purpose of my getting to know the Avaya 55xx switches we have, I have setup a test rig, this has a Stack of 3 switches ( Stack A ) and the 1 switch 1 MLT ( Stack B ) and 1 Switch 1 MLT ( Stack C )
on Stack A I have created two MLT's ( 1 & 2 )
in MLT 1 it has the following ports 1/47,3/47 this is linked to Stack B MLT 1 ports 47-48
MLT learning is disabled and the switches are using RSTP
Stack A can reach Stack B and from my laptop I can ping the addresses of Stack A & B ). To test the MLT I then removed the connection from port 47 stack B. I'm still able to ping both switches. Port 47 on Stack B was reconnected and port 48 was removed, again I was still able to ping bot switches.

Now here is the bit that I'm stuck on.
From Stack A on the MLT 2 ( 1/48,2/48 ) to Stack C ports 47-48. I have created the MLT on Stack C
but with both ports connected I can not reach stack C from Stack A or Stack B or my laptop
if I pull one of the connections from Stack C the switch is reachable but not with both
I have checked the MLT settings and leaning is disabled as is the spanning tree on the ports and both ends

I have reset back to factory defaults and then tried again but it fail's and I'm not sure why.

I have set Stack A to be the root ) spanning-tree priority 0000

Any advice gratefully received

Avaya (Blue) / Nortel IP Telephony / Re: can't call out
« Last post by Nunzitina on March 04, 2019, 11:11:12 PM »
Is a website that allows us to receive knowledge and be able to use it in everyday life.
General Discussion / Re: SpeedTest Confusion
« Last post by Nunzitina on March 04, 2019, 11:09:55 PM »
The content in the post makes the website surfer like us get the knowledge that is not currently available.
Avaya (Blue) / Nortel IP Telephony / Re: Register 1100e on Issabel
« Last post by Ashkan on March 04, 2019, 03:06:30 PM »
Dear All
My problem has been solved.
I will prepare step by step document and share it as soon as possible.
Best regards
Avaya (Blue) / Nortel IP Telephony / Re: Register 1100e on Issabel
« Last post by Ashkan on March 03, 2019, 02:12:29 PM »
Dear Michael McNamara,
would you please help me?
Best regards
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