• January 24, 2021, 04:18:22 PM
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Author Topic: SSLVPN soft client and remote 2004i sets can't fail over in CS1K  (Read 3441 times)

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There is probably a quick answer as to what I am missing but I am stumped.  I am hoping someone can help.

I have home users (both sslvpn with soft clients and routers with ipsec to head quarters ip phones) that talk to a single CS1K.

Users have no issues when connecting to one vpn concentrator, the backup concentrator with the same config however will not allow users to establish a connection - can't connect to server.

The oddity of this is I can sniff traffic and see that a conversation between the phone switch and phone set start, it starts on .123 then the phone switch never sends traffic on .124 ---- on the concentrator that works you see the users phone talk to the phone switch at .123 they do some UNISTIM magic and the CS1K flops the call and data to .124 and end user is able to have normal call flow.

To make matters worse, I can ping the .123 and .124 from a remote users router AND the freaking phone switch will ping the end user when i specify a source of .123 or .124...

I have attached a diagram - Michael if this is too much for the forum I apologize, just figured someone may have ran into this issue before.