• January 19, 2021, 12:57:19 AM
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Author Topic: Nortel 6140 with WMM not working on Cisco WLCs with CAC enabled  (Read 16188 times)

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We acquired about 100 Nortel 6140 at a customer site that fail to work on Cisco 8540 WLCs with CAC enabled. WLC is configured to allow WMM. Get the following message when it connects to AP with CAC and WMM enabled on 802.11a band.

Client '00:90:7a:XX:XX:XX (X.X.X.X)'
which was associated with interface '802.11a/n/ac' of AP 'AP01' is excluded. The reason code is '2(802.11
Association failed repeatedly)'.

It works fine when CAC is disabled on the 802.11a of the WLC. What configuration needs to be adjusted on the phones so it can work with CAC allowed?