• November 25, 2020, 02:28:03 PM
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Author Topic: Nortel 1230 Configuration Steps to update the SIP server registering to?  (Read 2500 times)

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I worked with Nortel equipment (8x24, 0x32, CICS, MICS, BCM (50/400) - but haven't touched them in a few years...I have a client that has a single 1230 that is connected via SIP to a hosted Asterisk based system.  This is the only 1230 I have left in the field, I don't even have one here to test with (or any other Nortel IP phone, for that matter).  Originally, it was configured to register to the Asterisk system via it's IP address - however - the hosting company moved the system - so a) I need to update the IP address it registers to AND b) I would prefer to use the URL that the hosting provider has pointing to that IP address - instead of the IP address, in case they move the server again in the future.  This client has a few other Cisco SPA-5xx series phones there - and those were all reconfigured remotely.  Problem is - I now live about 90 minutes from this client's office - and don't recall the steps well enough to walk them through it over the phone (and I don't believe that the 1230's web interface allows me to make these changes).

Can anyone post the instructions needed, (including any necessary passwords for the phone to access the settings in question) - so that I can walk the end-user through the necessary steps to update the SIP server they now need to register to?  By the way...the SIP user ID and password didn't change.  This is frustrating because I know that I could do it if I were in front of the device...and I am fairly confident that this is a relatively easy / routine set of steps...maybe I just have to have them log out / in and that process will prompt them for the Server they're now logging in to?).

Anyway - I would rather not drive 3 hours round trip if I can avoid it.  Of course - I will do what I have to do...but if anyone could help save me the trip, I would appreciate it!