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Author Topic: matrix: sip vs more sip vs extended features unistim  (Read 2355 times)

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matrix: sip vs more sip vs extended features unistim
« on: June 15, 2013, 02:07:14 AM »
I've read a few blog posts about converting 11xx/12xx to SIP and complaints of various seemingly useful features.  Is there a handy table around here comparing free sip, licensed sip, unistim?

From what I've gleaned there is a free sip firmware and one- or more(?) licensed feature sets for SIP or no?   I'm interested in an 6+ line IP phone for overkill home use with a voip provider like voip.ms or anveo.com without use of my own ip-pbx.  I currently use a cisco 7960G for this (sip 8.11).

I would dearly enjoy both presence (publish) and texting via SIP SIMPLE from an ip phone.   (anveo can convey legacy-sms via SIP SIMPLE && SIP TCP, possible on smart phone with cross platform groundwire).  I'm a not-fan of sms for texting.  I am fond of xmpp and now simple.

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adopt SIMPLE for texting in lieu of ancient sms