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Author Topic: IP Phones Compatible with cs1000 switch  (Read 2474 times)

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IP Phones Compatible with cs1000 switch
« on: November 13, 2014, 04:23:11 PM »

I understand this is a vague question, but our company is switching over to VoIP and we are trying to find the most cost effective IP phone that is compatible with our cs1000 switches.

We are currently looking at Nortel IP 2004 -P2, Avaya's IP phones, Lync Polycom cx600, and Lync Aastra.

My initial question is: which IP phones work best with cs1000 switches?
second: are there more IP phones that are compatible with our switches (besides the ones listed above)?
And third: which phone do you suggest?

Thanks again! I have not used this site before, but found it while searching for information on IP phones.