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Author Topic: Enable wireshark trace on Nortel WLAN  (Read 1866 times)

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Enable wireshark trace on Nortel WLAN
« on: March 06, 2015, 06:23:02 AM »
I need assistance or a guideline on the following:
Setting up wireshark trace on Nortel WLAN to capture packets between Avaya 6120 wireless phone and CS1000 rel 7.5 call server to check for QOS related isues.
Equipment:1. 6120 wireless handset with 115.027 firmware
               2. 2330 E1 AP using SVP QOS
               3. Spectralink 2245 manager
               4. WSS 2380 Nortel Security Switch
               5. Cisco Network with auto QOS enabled
               6. cS1000 rel 7.5 with latest deplist
               7. TPS node configured with 802.1P tagging (Priority 6)(Latest Linux deplist)

I need to capture packets between 6120 Wireless IP phone and Media Gateway controller that is connected to chassis with PRI's to check if there are any QOS related issues.