• January 19, 2021, 12:49:43 AM
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Author Topic: Audiocodes MP-114 fxs integration CS1000E - trouble with external routing  (Read 2434 times)

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Hello, I have a 7.5 CS1000E that I have integrated an Audiocodes MP-114 fxs unit with to provide faxing for branch offices.  I have it working but had to cheat a bit.  I am using Session Manager to route calls to the device, but after completely failing to get it to perform NPA and NXX calls I told the audiocodes to proxy through the SIP node directly on the CS1000E and I'm pre-pending trunk access codes to get outbound dialing working.  I had previously tried formatting calls in E.164 format with and without the + but sip captures on the Signalling server would always say "feature not implemented".  So I have it working, but there is no redundancy in the routes.  How can I get this gateway to engage normal call routing on outbound local and long distance?

Many thanks for your time and help.