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Author Topic: 9640SIP phone can not register to SM‏  (Read 7741 times)

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9640SIP phone can not register to SM‏
« on: August 14, 2013, 10:04:39 AM »

This is my first time with Avaya and I'm using the 6.2 in the virtualized environment. SM can talk to SMGR, the maintenance tests are ok. The SIP trunk between the SM and CM is down, error message "500 Service Unavailable (no media resources)." I tried to register the 9640SIP phone to SM but failed. Error massage" acquiring service" displayed on the phone's screen after I entered the username and password. Apparently the phone can not talk to the SM.

There is nothing wrong on the networking; I can ping from the server to the phone and vice versa. And for the sip proxy server's IP address I used the SM100ís (security module) IP address.

The SIPport 5063 was added to the SM SIP entity and the phone is at the latest firmware as well as the 46xxsetting file.

I'm using the DHCP right now, and here is my 242 config

option-242 "HTTPSRVR=xx.xx.xx.xx,L2Q=2,SIG=2";

And for my 46xxsetting file here is my config:

 DNSSRVR xx.xx.xx.xx

 DOMAIN avaya.com

 SIPDOMAIN avaya.com


 SIP_CONTROLLER_LIST "SM100's ip address":5060;transport=tcp





The phone can get the information from the DHCP as well as the setting file. At this point I have no idea where I did wrong, any help would be greatly appreciated

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