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Author Topic: 1140E on ERS5520 with untagPvidOnly  (Read 2664 times)

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Offline dzavy

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1140E on ERS5520 with untagPvidOnly
« on: November 11, 2013, 12:16:40 PM »

I'm using these two VLANs in ERS5520 (FW 6.3.1):

VLAN 104 - data VLAN
VLAN 107 - voice VLAN

I've added both VLANs to the port, set PVID to 104 and VLAN mode to untagPvidOnly. When I connect PC directly to this port, it works well in 104. When I connect it through a IP phone (1120E or 1140E, tried both old and recent FW versions) and set on the phone the voice vlan to 107 and data VLAN to none, phone works well in 107 but PC is experiencing strange connection issues. Even in the same subnet communication (arp, icmp, etc.) sometimes works, sometimes not. I have no idea what can be wrong... I've tried different ports, different PCs, different phones...still the same behavior when using untagPvidOnly.

I've set the port 3/2 like this:

NNSTACK#sh interfaces 3/2 config
Unit/Port:  3/2
    Admin Status:  Enable
    Oper Status:  Up
    EAP Oper Status:  Up
    VLACP Oper Status:  Down
    STP Oper Status:  Forwarding
    Link: Up
    LinkTrap:  Enabled
    Link Autonegotiation:  Enabled
    Link Speed:  1000Mbps
    Link Duplex:  Full-Duplex
    Flow Control:  Disable
    Energy Saver: Disabled
    Energy Saver Oper Status: No Power Saving
    BPDU-guard (BPDU Filtering): Disabled
    BPDU-guard (BPDU Filtering) Oper Status: N/A
    SLPP-guard: Disabled
    SLPP-guard Oper Status: N/A

*****VLAN interfaces configuration*****
           Filter     Filter
          Untagged Unregistered
Unit/Port  Frames     Frames    PVID PRI    Tagging    Name
--------- -------- ------------ ---- --- ------------- --------------
3/2       No       Yes          104  0   UntagPvidOnly Unit 3,Port 2

*****VLAN ID port member configuration*****
Unit/Port VLAN VLAN Name         VLAN VLAN Name         VLAN VLAN Name
--------- ---- ----------------  ---- ----------------  ---- ----------------
3/2       104  LAN               107  TLAN
--------- ---- ----------------  ---- ----------------  ---- ----------------

*****Spanning-tree port configurations*****
Unit Port Trunk   Participation   Priority  Path Cost    State
---- ---- -----  ---------------  --------  ---------  ----------
3    2           Fast Learning    128       1          Forwarding

Thanks in advance for any ideas...

Offline dzavy

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Re: 1140E on ERS5520 with untagPvidOnly
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2013, 05:52:28 AM »
Today I tried to set the port to tagAll, PVID to voice VLAN, on the IP phone both ports to tagged with manually entered VLAN ID and it does the same. Phone works, PC's behavior is strange...

Offline TankII

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Re: 1140E on ERS5520 with untagPvidOnly
« Reply #2 on: November 12, 2013, 01:28:32 PM »
untag pvid only, pvid 104, tag 107 and 104 to port, set phone for voice 107 data 104.  If 104 isn't assigned to the data port, the PC won't get access.