• March 27, 2017, 02:17:43 PM
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Author Topic: VSP7200 - SPBM Redundancy and problem with untagged voice traffic  (Read 134 times)

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I have 2 VSP7200 in distrubution layer, working as BCB in SBM, FA Server in FA and SMLT Cluster in Traditional Network. I have 3 switch families connected to my VSP7200s:
1) ERS4826 as BEB over SPBM
2) ERS3510 as FA Proxy over FA
3) ERS3510 as Access Switch with MLT Uplink connected to both VSP7200 as SMLT Cluster (SLT Uplink)

To my Access Switches I connected the Voice Deivces:
1) VoIP Phone (they can tagged the frames and become VLAN ID over LLDP MED)
2) other VoIP Deivces, which can not tagged the frames (conventer analog voice signal from fax to digital, conference phone, who can't become VLAN ID oder LLDP MED).

- If I have only ONE SPBM connection between Distribution and Core Layers (VSP7200 MASTER - ERS8606 MASTER or VSP7200 SLAVE - ERS8606 SLAVE), my untagged voice devices become IPs from DHCP server and can be called.
- If I have both SPBM connection between  Distribution and Core Layers, my untagged voice devices don't receive the IPs and can not be called.
- On all uplinks (access switches, distribution switches) I disabled flter-untagged-frames
- I use ARP Inspection. I changes the voice prots from UNTRUSTED to TRUSTED - it doesn't really helps.
- I deactivated the ARP inspection on my voice vlan - without positive result.

Why? How can I fix it? What should I check? I need some tips.

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Re: VSP7200 - SPBM Redundancy and problem with untagged voice traffic
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2017, 04:38:24 PM »
I found a solution: I deactivated the IP DHCP Soooping for my Voice VLAN on each access switch (BEB, FA Proxy, "SMLT" client). After reboot the access switches, my untagged devices were able to receive the IPs from DHCP server, were able to register on voip server and could be call in with external phone number.

I don't understand it. In other buildings I have VSP7000 and it works on all switches with active DHCP snooping on the same vocie vlan.