• September 21, 2020, 02:52:14 AM
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Author Topic: VLAN provisioning for IP Deskphone 1200 from Avaya Switch DHCP Server  (Read 3124 times)

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Offline amedinaj

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Hi all,
I''m trying to configure the DHCP Server on Avaya Switch 3500 to provide VLAN information to IP Phones 12XX (1210, 1220, 1230). I have configure 2 VLAN, one for voice and one for DATA. The ports are configure to unTagged for the DATA Vlan and Tagged for the Voice Vlan. I'm using ADAC to detect the IP Phones and change the PVID to the VLAN Voice (and then configuring the PVID to Tagged and the other vlan as UnTagged).

The DHCP Server on the switch have the "option-241" created for the voice pool in this way:

The IPPhones are receiving the server information, but I have to specify the Voice Vlan ID manually. I haven't found and option to provide via DHCP the VLAN ID to the Phone. With Windows Server DHCP i have used the DHCP Option 191 using "VLAN-A:22", but I can;t create this DHCP option on the DHCP Server in the Switch. How can I provide automatically the VLAN to this phones?

Thanks and best regards!

Offline saturnin55

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With 12xx and 11xx I used options 128 and 228.

Provide this option on your DATA vlan :

Option 228 looks like : "VLAN-A:YOUR_VLAN_ID."

Provide this on your voice vlan :

Option 128 looks like : "Nortel-i2004-a,x.y.z.w:4100,1,10;x.y.z.w:4100,1,20."
Option 224 : "Nortel-i2004-B,lldp=y;"

^ for option 128, don't forget the trailing dot, also even if you only have 1 server, provice the same ip twice.

I guess you don't really need both 128 and 224 the way you did your 224. You might have to do some testing with this.

Alternatively, you can provide the voice vlan id using lldp from the switch. I don't know if it can be done with ESR 3500, but it works with ERS 4000/5000 :

interface fastethernet 1/1-48

lldp config-notification
lldp status txAndRx config-notification
lldp tx-tlv local-mgmt-addr port-desc sys-desc sys-name
lldp tx-tlv med extendedPSE inventory location med-capabilities network-policy
lldp med-network-policies port 1/1-48 voice dscp 46 priority 6 tagging tagged vlan-id VOICE_VLAN_ID

With this, you don't need option 228 since lldp data have precedence over dhcp options. So a phone could work fine with this setup on a port with only the voice vlan tagged and no data vlan.

Good luck