• November 27, 2020, 02:22:50 PM
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Author Topic: Switchports not passing traffic  (Read 4943 times)

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Switchports not passing traffic
« on: September 02, 2020, 06:18:22 AM »
Hi everyone

I'm struggling with an issue which I hope someone can help me with. We have an office in Leeds which has around 10 switch stacks consisting of Nortel 470-48T switches.

Due to covid-19, the offices have been empty for the past few months but now users are starting to return. I'm receiving reports that although wired desktops/laptops are picking up an IP address, they have no Internet/network access. The workaround is to connect to WiFi and connect to the VPN to work.

On closer inspection, I've discovered this is affecting two specific areas of the building. So far, I rebooted the stacks in question but the problem was still there. I bounced the fibre port on the core switch end, but again no difference.

When I went to bounce the uplink port on the edge switch stack, I get one of the following errors:

ifAdminStatus.48: inconsistentValue
ifAdminStatus.176: inconsistentValue

I think the number represents the port number.

Has anyone seen this error or knows how to resolve it? Like I say, it's preventing me from resetting this uplink port which I believe is the source of my problem.

I'd appreciate any advice or opinions.