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Author Topic: Split VLAN into 2 VLANS  (Read 2048 times)

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Split VLAN into 2 VLANS
« on: January 05, 2015, 11:52:36 AM »
Hello all,
I'm having the following case and I would appreciate if anyone can help to solve this out.

I've a stack on one side: 3x 5510-48t + 2x 5530, and Cisc  sup720-3bxl on other side.

On Nortel/Avaya's port a fiber optic tagged uplink is coming with 2 VLAN inside - 100 and 200.
I need to pass these VLANs to Cisco, but also VLAN 200 have to split and presented to Cisco as VLAN#200 and VLAN#201.
So, does anyone knows how to Split a VLAN into 2 VLANs or merge 2 VLANs into 1x VLAN?

What I've done:
- VLAN 100, 200 and VLAN 201 are up on Cisco side;
- VLAN 100, 200 and VLAN 201 are configured on Nortel side;
- Nortel's port 1/1 is part of VLANs 100,200-201 which goes to Cisco;
- Nortel's port 1/48 is part of 100,200-201 which goes to ISP;
- ISP is giving me just 100 & 200;
- On Cisco,  I've to bring vlan 200 and 201 to which have to assign 2 ip networks which needs to talk to ISP's VLAN 200.

I tried with VLAN#1 and adding non-smart switch where all ports are in access to make a such VLAN bridge but getting errors in logs and no network traffic is passing.