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Author Topic: QOS Review  (Read 979 times)

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QOS Review
« on: April 17, 2018, 10:36:12 AM »
I wanted to get opinions on QOS config; it's way different than my usual experience with Cisco.

Basically; I have a 20Mbps ASE circuit coming back to our data center (I have about 30 of these.) At this time I'm trialing this by simply wanting to shape the traffic and ensure it doesn't exceed the 20Mbps limit of the circuit. Eventually I would break out into things like prioritizing voice, etc.

Code: newbielink:javascript:void(0); [nonactive]
! *** QOS ***
qos if-group name DefaultTrustAll class trusted
interface Ethernet ALL
qos if-shaper port 1/48 name 20M shape-rate 18000 burst-size 2048
interface Ethernet ALL
qos if-queue-shaper port 1/48 queue 1 name 20MB shape-rate 20000 shape-min-rate 18000
qos if-assign port 1/ALL,2/ALL name DefaultTrustAll
!qos agent buffer maximum
!qos agent queue-set 4
qos traffic-profile classifier name 20MB addr-type ipv4 eval-order 10
qos traffic-profile set port 1/48 name 20MB meter-mode uniform-per-policy committed-rate 20000 committed-burst-size 1024 drop-out-action disable track-statistics individual