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Title: QOS Remote
Post by: geswek on November 13, 2017, 10:16:24 AM
I wanted to get an opinion on my QOS; taking a stable at shaping the circuit so it doesn't exceed 20MB.
It is a remote site with 20MB AT&T ASE circuit to a 2GB headend.

Port 48 is the uplink port -- hardset to 100MB FULL.

qos if-group name DefaultTrustAll class trusted
interface Ethernet ALL
qos if-shaper port 48 name 20M shape-rate 18000 burst-size 2048
interface Ethernet ALL
qos if-queue-shaper port 48 queue 1 name 20MB shape-rate 20000 shape-min-rate 18000
qos if-assign port ALL name DefaultTrustAll
!qos agent buffer maximum
!qos agent queue-set 4
qos traffic-profile classifier name 20MB addr-type ipv4 eval-order 10
qos traffic-profile set port 48 name 20MB meter-mode uniform-per-policy committed-rate 20000 committed-burst-size 1024 drop-out-action disable track-statistics individual