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Author Topic: Problems with VLAN on Avaya 8310  (Read 1946 times)

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Problems with VLAN on Avaya 8310
« on: August 07, 2013, 11:33:31 AM »
Hello All  :-[

I have the following problem.. we have two VLANs for floor (4 floors - all the switchs are 4548GT-PWR) and after a restart of the 8310 the VLANs from floor 1 to 3 are gone.. I have added the VLANs using the JDM, go to VLANS and VLANS - GRT but don't have access to any service on the floors with the problem. I can go to the web page for every stack and verify the configuration, but can make the VLANs work on the floors.

If I go to the IP configuration I can see on the IP GRT tab only the information for VLANs from 4th floor are available and in the ROUTE tab too.

What can I do to make all the VLANs available again??

The 8310 have the firmware


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Re: Problems with VLAN on Avaya 8310
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2013, 06:42:03 AM »
I've been working with the release for quite some time on +50 ERS8300's and I never ran into the issue that you are facing. Besides not saving your config, this sounds like bug.
Did you take a look at the log file, which could provide you more details.

You could try to use another VLAN id and see if this is the issue.
As a last resort, you could upgrade to the latest 8300 release, which is There have been some interesting bug fixes, although nothing particular regarding your issue as far as I know.
Take note that, depending on the amount of mudles installes, you will need the 8392 256MB modele to run the

Goodluck and let us know how it went.