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Author Topic: Problem ERS 4850 - Duplicate Frames on ports whith same VLAN - unicast  (Read 1476 times)

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I just find operation that calls me on one of our 2
Stacks of 4850 in main room servers. (SRV2)

I have noticed through our supervision on the instantaneous flow
Some of stack ports seemed high.

With our sensor network I found communications on ports
Have no reason to be in my opinion.

frames are sent to a VLAN on each port of the stack that propagate

Whether untag access port or tagged, all ports receive
Frames !!! same unicast !!

* I made an interesting  test: *

I put a computer on the stack port 1/31 and I put successively
Port untag on different VLANs.
No IP on the computer
i capture trame with wireshark

In each case I see pass unicast streams other equipment

>> 1/31 in Port untag on VLAN 2 (

>> 1/31 in Port untag on VLAN 101 (

>> 1/31 in Port untag on VLAN 72 (

>> 1/31 in Port untag on VLAN 502 (

>> We also see it on the bandwidth of ports !!!

>> All ports in the same VLAN have the same conso same time ...

>> The stack don't seem very busy.

Yet I'm only one MAC address per port whith the command show mac-adress-table

Have you an idea ?
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