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Author Topic: Password stuck ERS Passport-8306, can't login  (Read 1619 times)

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Password stuck ERS Passport-8306, can't login
« on: September 05, 2016, 10:09:40 AM »
Password stuck Passport-8306, can't login

Hi Guys,

Please help me, really stuck on my Passport-8306 (ERS 8000), i lost my admin password. :(( (very sad)

Try to figure out in internet, still not solve my problem..

Already try this methode :

monitor# reset-passwd

and try login with user and password : RWA  --->  just only mode user,

Config.cfg still store in NVram ...  so i can't login to enable mode.. :(( so sad...

Just Info : i can login only  user mode privilege, so i can't delete config.cfg  :((

gti.id:5> ?

Exec commands:

  date           display calender time diag           
  enable        Turn on privileged commands
  exit            Exit from the EXEC and end the current session
  help           description of the interactive help system
  ip              set ip command
  logout         exit from the EXEC

  no             negate a command

  show           show running system information

gti.id:5>show running-config

Preparing to Display Configuration...
# MON SEP 05 19:47:36 2016 UTC
# box type             : Passport-8306
# software version     :
# monitor version      :

Any one can help me please, i really really appreciated for this