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Author Topic: Nortel 8600 to Cisco Nexus 3k/5k or 7K SW  (Read 4097 times)

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Nortel 8600 to Cisco Nexus 3k/5k or 7K SW
« on: February 10, 2015, 10:43:11 AM »
Hello all,

I just find this website today,  this is one of the best Network Infrastructure Forms and registered my account right away.

from this link:

I find a few  LACP examples for Nortel 8600 connect with other devices which are very good and helpful.

I never work on the Nortel/Avaya  devices before but now I have new project for adding 2 new Nexus 3000 switches to Nortel (core) network.
(and later on,  will add another 2 Nexus 5000 sw to the Nortel core sw)

Here is the scenario: 

On the existing network, I have 2 Nortel 8600 as Core SW connecting a lot of Nortel 5XXX Stack switches.
(these 2 Nortel Core SW trunking each other as a pair).

but now I want to add 2 new Nexus 3000  connect to these 2 Core SW (Nortel 8600)
using Port-Channel (VPC)    (later on will add 2 more Nexus 5000/7000 to the same Nortel 8600 Core)

Does anyone have some example or configuration steps  for both Nortel 8600 with
Cisco Nexus 3000/Nexus 5000/Nexus 7000?

(again this is my first time to work with Nortel devices any advises or tip will be very appreciated.

Thank you so much in advance for you time and helps

Best Regard !
(BTW:  I try to attach the simple topology diagram in attachment. I don't know it's or or not thanks)

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Re: Nortel 8600 to Cisco Nexus 3k/5k or 7K SW
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2015, 03:45:17 PM »
The equivalent to the vPC feature is on the ERS8000 the SMLT technology.
SMLT is compatible with a portchannel and vPC, you can use on top LACP as well if you like.

Here is a step by step guide:

On page 62 you find a example config for a cisco 3750.
The config that you need on the Avaya side is the same for your Nexus 3000 with vPC.

Maybe also interesting for you is the Avaya Cisco Interoperabebility Guide:

Good Luck
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Re: Nortel 8600 to Cisco Nexus 3k/5k or 7K SW
« Reply #2 on: February 11, 2015, 01:01:40 PM »
Hello Dominik,

thank you so much.  I will follow your suggestion to test on the Nortel 5650 with Nexus 3000 first.

because I don't have spare  8600 to test,   the existing 2X8600 core switches is running on the production and didn’t reboot over 3 years.

I scare to touch it now.

Thanks again