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Author Topic: Nortel 5520-24T-PWR Error "Can't Find any Main chip Pls check it" / Test 208  (Read 2069 times)

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Offline smprofx

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Hi Guys!

For my disclosure I must say that I'm a noob in this field so please take me easy.
I got this switch from eBay to power all my POE IP cameras.
When powering it the coolers are running and the PWR LED turns green ... and that is. :)

If I plug any device (PC or POE IP Camera) into 1-20 ports there are not working (port green LED doesn't shine).
If I plug a PC into 21-24 port I get a green LED blinking but no traffic is actually passing through the switch. Also it doesn't respond to ping at default address

If I press the front UI button in any known sequences (3 times, 5 times, 8 time...) nothing happens. Only if I long press (more than 10 sec) the UI button I get the PWR led slowly blinking then fast blinking then all 6 LEDs (PWR/ UP / Down / Base / Status) start flashing in amber color. I assume this resets / reboot the switch. After this procedure nothing happens (still none of the ports are working).

I have connected to the console port using a generic USB to RS232 / DB9 cable .
When powering it I get the following messages:

Testing Memory...............................


Ethernet Routing Switch 5520-24T-PWR

Hardware Rev :    8

CPU CLOCK :266000000
Resets: 90.
Initializing Flash..
Reading MAC Address..
MAC Address: 00:16:60:DF:98:00
Initializing Switch CBs

  PoE Firmware Info  :
     Version number  : 9
     Product number  : 6370
     Build           : 4

Can't Find any Main chip Pls check it!!!

Diagnostic Version May 24 2006, 10:15:47

Test 102  ROM  Config                - PASSED
Test 104  FANs                       - PASSED
Test 105  Ext Flash Id Get           - PASSED
Test 207  XGS SWITCH Registers       - PASSED
Test 208  FABRIC Registers           -

Program  (0x0700)
  PC/SRR0= 00000000  MSR/SRR1= 00083032  SP/R1=00BC28E8
  LR=  000D90D8 CR = 20000200  CTR= 00000000  XER= 00000000
  R0 = 00038E38 R1 = 00BC28E8  R2 = 00000000  R3 = 00001000
  R4 = 00000178 R5 = 00BC2910  R6 = 00000001  R7 = 00000000
  R8 = 00000000 R9 = 00000000  R10= 002ED238  R11= 00000000
  R12= 00000000 R13= 80504500  R14= ED0C3F8E  R15= 08000000
  R16= 07ED6B40 R17= 0FDAD680  R18= 70000000  R19= 70000000
  R20= 70000000 R21= 00000000  R22= 00000001  R23= 00000000
  R24= FFFFFFFF R25= 00000000  R26= DB6DB6DB  R27= 00121800
  R28= 00000001 R29= 00000000  R30= 00000178  R31= 00000000

Press 'a'  to run Agent code
Press 'd'  to Download agent code
Press 'e'  to display Errors
Press 'i'  to Initialize config/log config control in Both flash
Press 'p'  to run POST tests
Press 's'  to run Stack external loopback test..

I have already tried "i" and erasing Config / Log in Both Flash and this is what I get:
Erase Config/Log config control in Both Flash? y/N [ N ]: Y
Erasing     - Wait 8 sec..
Erasing     - Wait 8 sec..
Erasing     - Wait 1 sec..

Press 'a'  to run Agent code
Press 'd'  to Download agent code
Press 'e'  to display Errors
Press 'i'  to Initialize config/log config control in Both flash
Press 'p'  to run POST tests
Press 's'  to run Stack external loopback test..

Then I pressed "a" to run Agent code and I get:
Starting Agent Code..Target Name: tgt
User: target
Attaching network interface lo0... done.
Code Segment 0x10000 -- 0xa38fff protection=2

Initializing ......
ERROR: Assertion failed: (sem) at sync.c:117
ERROR: Stack trace follows
FUNC = 0x2051c, PC = 0x20568 (0x20568), SP = 0x7fffc00
FUNC = 0x205a0, PC = 0x205bc (0x205bc), SP = 0x7fffc10
FUNC = 0x20718, PC = 0x20778 (0x20778), SP = 0x7fffc20
FUNC = 0x5ea84, PC = 0x5eb2c (0x5eb2c), SP = 0x7fffc30
FUNC = 0x15fd30, PC = 0x15fe18 (0x15fe18), SP = 0x7fffc70
FUNC = 0x160770, PC = 0x160800 (0x160800), SP = 0x7fffc90
FUNC = 0x162060, PC = 0x1621cc (0x1621cc), SP = 0x7fffcc0
FUNC = 0x150648, PC = 0x150698 (0x150698), SP = 0x7fffce0
FUNC = 0x873c10, PC = 0x873c50 (0x873c50), SP = 0x7fffd00
FUNC = 0x1154c, PC = 0x1173c (0x1173c), SP = 0x7fffd60
FUNC = 0x9a2900, PC = 0x9a2968 (0x9a2968), SP = 0x7fffd90
RA 0x0 out of range

Then the switch freeze and doesn't react to any of the command CTRL+Y or CTRL+W and I have to re-power it.

Could you please let me know this is a hardware error or a software error that could be fixed by TFTP a new config file?

Thank you for your support!

Offline Johan Witters

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I've never seen the "main chip" error before, so it might be a hardware failure.

But because the unit can still load the diag image, I think the issue is a corrupt agent image. I would suggest you try and load the image again, it might work.
Kind regards,

Johan Witters

Network Engineer