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Author Topic: New ERS 4000 Software v5.6.1  (Read 3496 times)

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New ERS 4000 Software v5.6.1
« on: May 31, 2012, 02:22:52 PM »
New software for the ERS 4000 switches this time.  It supports a new hardware revision of the ERS4000 family and a warning about trying to downgrade code that should not be taken lightly.  Also pages and pages of fixes and some new and some improved features.

Ethernet Routing Switch 4500-PWR+ and 4800 Revision 10 Hardware Support.

Avaya is introducing new revisions of the Ethernet Routing Switch 4800, 4800-PWR+ and 4500-PWR+ identified by hardware revision 10 or later.  All Ethernet Routing Switch 4800, 4800-PWR+ and 4500-PWR+ revision 10 or greater support increase FLASH of 64Mbytes and increased DRAM of 1GB.  This increased FLASH & DRAM provides support for future software options or upgrades, including alternative software images.

Ethernet Routing Switch 4500-PWR+ and 4800 (being hardware revision 10 or later) requires a minimum software version of 5.6.1 (bootloader, diagnostics, agent) to operate.  If this switch is to be stacked with other Ethernet Routing Switch 4000, it is required that either:
a) the stack is upgraded to software release 5.6.1 before this unit is added to the stack, or
b) that this unit is set to be the base unit of the stack (in which case the other switches in the stack will be automatically updated to the same revision of agent code software as running on the base unit).

Warning: Attempting to downgrade the software to release 5.6.0 or earlier on an Ethernet Routing Switch 4500-PWR+ or
4800 (hardware revision 10 or later) will render the unit inoperable.

Readme is below:
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