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Author Topic: mlt between 5530 and passport 8600 mers.  (Read 2314 times)

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mlt between 5530 and passport 8600 mers.
« on: April 24, 2012, 06:50:24 PM »

I'm having one 5530 nortel switch which is connected to mers 8600 switch via mlt.

Now when I use command  #show autotopology nmm-table#  on telnet console of 5530 switch , I get o/p stating connected to (mers 8600 switch ) on local port 26 .. where mgmt ip of 8600 is local ip of 10. series.

Same when I summoned this  #show autotopology nmm-table#   command on 8600 I get o/p conntd to 10.x.x.x  which is 5530 nortel switch via local port x.

I want to know that when I use this cmd on 8600 i get 5530 switch mgmt ip as directly connctd switch.
but when i use same cmd on 5530 i get (8600 passport ) connetcd on local port ;where is not a mgmt ip ddress of 8600.

So my question is why difference between both o/p at both switche ?? why 5530 switch dont show 8600's mgmt ip in its nmm table instead it displays .