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Author Topic: List of ViewNames in the SnmpVMIB View from EDM.  (Read 1806 times)

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List of ViewNames in the SnmpVMIB View from EDM.
« on: May 25, 2015, 01:43:06 PM »

I am a newbie here and this is my first post and need help on this part, I am not good in troubleshooting..

Issue is from device switch ERS8010, some of the problems we  encountered after reload was the EDM we noticed has only 1 row was shown in the location of SnmpV3 “VACM Table” under “MIB View”. also noticed from Device Manager monitoring tool, the Snmp live graph was no results.

I have MIB file named p80X7X00.mib - but i do not know how to upload this.
Please share procedure on how to import or install the MIB file and how it will be seen to the DM under MIB View.

Thank you.

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I have now a procedure on how to add or create MIB view then will try to implement it. thanks guys for reading my post,

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The MIB file p80a7200.mib is the documentation of all the MIBs that are supported in a SW Release.
You don´t need to install the MIBs on the switch, they are preinstalled.

With the MIB view you can allocate wich part of the MIB Tree a particular SNMP User can see.

It´s always the networks fault!

Offline Dareangel11

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Thanks for the info,