• November 23, 2020, 05:07:02 PM
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Author Topic: interesting new feature in ERS5000 series switches ( you can't downgrade)  (Read 2141 times)

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Just a warning in case someone runs into this...I got burnt last week

if you get an ERS5000 and its running diag out of the box, don't bother trying to downgrade it. It would appear that any ERS5000s built today with pre-loaded are locked and can't be downgraded.

Although I have not tried it, if you have an older ERS5000 that has been upgraded to you can downgrade it.

Because of this issue you can make a mixed stack of switches running v6.0.0.18 with switches running  older FW versions. Provided they are running the same software version.

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Offline Johan Witters

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Avaya has a new hardware revision for the ERS5530 (HW 38) and ERS 5520 (HW 39). The is probably necessary to address some new internal component, explaining why you can't downgrade.

It is mentioned in the release notes of the 6.3.2 software:

DAUR (Diagnostic Auto Unit Replacement) behavior has changed with the 6.3.2 SW release.
On units shipped with diagnostic version, the diagnostic firmware cannot be downgraded.
Stack will form with units having different diagnostic versions.
If a unit with older diagnostic firmware (prior to and 6.3.2 SW is added to a stack with units having the latest diagnostic ( and 6.3.2 SW, this unit will join the stack, no DAUR will be performed.
New units are shipped with diagnostic firmware revision Attempts to downgrade the diagnostic firmware in those units will generate the following error message: “%Wrong image ID”.
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Johan Witters

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