• January 23, 2021, 12:09:47 AM
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Author Topic: How to shut down vlan 1 and assign ip to another vlan - Avaya 5900 series switch  (Read 1188 times)

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Offline John Wu

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We have a client that has a network (based on Avaya 5900 Series switches). I was taksed to help Wi-Fi designer to implement Wi-Fi solution to the existing network. This network has one core switch (ERS5952GTS-PWR+ FW:; SW: v7.3.0241) and 8 floor switches(They are all ERS5952GTS-PWR+ connected to the Core switch). The core switch uplink is connected to the gateway router. In order to add Wi-Fi solution to the existing network, I need to add a bunch of Wi-Fi vlans(controller vlan, Wi-Fi management vlan, Wi-Fi user vlan etc)to the existing network. Here is what the current network design look like.

Core switch has the following vlans:
vlan  1 ( with default gateway (it is also the router that it is connecting to).
vlan 3 ( - second floor vlan. Interface vlan ip:
vlan 4 ( - third floor vlan. Interface vlan ip:

All the floor switches are pretty much dummy switches. there is only one vlan which is vlan 1.

Core switch fiber ports connect to floor switches.

On the core switch:
The port that is facing floor switch is untagged. The default vlan id was set to the corresponding floor vlan id, for example, Port 1/49 is the port connects to 2nd floor switch. it has the following config.

Unit/Port  Frames     Frames    PVID PRI    Tagging    Name
--------- -------- ------------ ---- --- ------------- ----------------
1/49      No       Yes          3    0   UntagAll      Unit 1,Port 49

On the floor switch such as 2nd floor switch:
The uplink port connects to the core switch has the following config:
Port  Frames     Frames    PVID PRI    Tagging    Name
---- -------- ------------ ---- --- ------------- ----------------
50   No       Yes          1    0   UntagAll      Port 50

*****VLAN ID port member configuration*****
Port VLAN VLAN Name         VLAN VLAN Name         VLAN VLAN Name
---- ---- ----------------  ---- ----------------  ---- ----------------
50   1    VLAN #1
---- ---- ----------------  ---- ----------------  ---- ----------------

The core switch has RIP enabled on all vlan interface to handling the inter vlan routing as well. IP DHCP relay was set up on all interface vlans on the core.

I now need to change the link between core switch to floor switches into trunk link as I need to let multiple vlan traffic travel through the tunnel. I need to change all user vlan on the floor switches to vlan 3, 4, instead of using vlan 1 as the user vlan. The issue is the ip address of the floor switch seem to bound with vlan 1. The minute I removed the ip from vlan 1 and assign it to the new user vlan interface (such as vlan 3 interface). I lost access to the switch though Web interface even if I add all ports to vlan 3 as members. The switch ip become something like etc. Very weird.

Can someone here provide some advice please? I know it is easy in Cisco. Simply shut down vlan 1 SVI and assign the IP to the new interface vlan, no shut. Done. But in Avaya, I don't know how to achieve it?

Thanks in advance.


Offline John Wu

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Never mind. I got it.