• November 26, 2020, 06:55:43 AM
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Author Topic: First time upgrading Diag & Software Image Nortel 3510T & BayStack 5520-48T-PWR  (Read 2961 times)

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Offline umair

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Dear Folk,

I am newbie in nortel world, what i m looking is my two switches are really old but still alive. Guys i need your help to how to upgrade. i googled and came to know that i should upgrade two images as mention in subject.  We don't have any kinda contract support with Nortel or any specific supplier so i have to upgrade it by my own. Please suggest software/diag images for my two babies also process how to get it free. here my some details.

Ethernet Switch 3510-24T
HW:33       FW:   SW:v4.0.4.00

Ethernet Routing Switch 5520-48T-PWR
Nortel BOSS 4.2
HW:04       FW:  SW:v4.2.0.002

Offline MatzeKS

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Hi umair,

first of all "Nortel" times are over since 2009 and I guess you'll have to deal with "AVAYA" instead.  ;)

Anyway I guess you have to buy an support contract to get your software from AVAYA.

You'll find all stuff here:

Ethernet Routing Switch 3500 series v5.3.3

Ethernet Routing Switch 5000 series v6.3.6

ERS 5000 Series Diagnostic Image:

ERS 5000 Series Secure Runtime Image Software

Good luck
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Offline TankII

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And, I would suggest you get the support contract soon! Avaya recently announced in the future, even with a support contract, older versions of code will no longer be available on their website.  A 5520 on 4.2.X code has a ton of steps to go to get to the latest version of code, and force-feeding the latest version will not work on that chassis.  You have to have access to ALL the below versions of code to get the unit upgraded!

5500 4.X --> -->50004 Diags/no reboot --> -->> 60008 Diags without Reboot --> --> 60013 diags without reboot --> 6.2.X --> 6.3.X

Good luck!