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Author Topic: Ethernet Routing Switch 4000 series v5.8.2  (Read 1924 times)

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Ethernet Routing Switch 4000 series v5.8.2
« on: August 01, 2015, 05:01:27 AM »
Avaya releases a new version for ERS-4800 with a lot of fixes

Problems Resolved in This Release:
wi01210597 With Active MLT, VLAN configuration changes were not working as expected
wi01208439 - Special characters were not allowed in the username
wi01208118 - Radius Authentication was added as MS-Chap-V2 after an upgrade to 5.8
wi01210774 Default gateway ARP/MAC entry after IP conflict between management and non-management VLANs
wi01210763 - Status LED not properly displayed on the EDM interface
wi01229456 - The switch EAP behavior is more consistent when transitioning with eap-start, eap success and eap failures
wi01229457 - In multihost unicast mode, upon receiving a Disconnect-Request from RADIUS server for an EAP authenticated client, the switch correctly sent out an EAP-Failure to terminate the session and blocked the port. Although the client's MAC was removed from the authentication list, the client's MAC remained in the MAC address table causing EAP-Request ID not be sent.
wi01209423 - Switch prompts for a password change even when the 'password security' feature is disabled
wi01215546 - With ARP-inspection enabled, unicast ARP packets coming from non-base units to the base unit were blocked when the clients were EAP authenticated and put into same RAV
wi01209856 - Ping loss due to MAC flapping is now fixed in this release.
wi01217039 - Tagging mode for Ethernet ports in software did not match the tagging mode for the same ports in hardware
wi01221089 - HTTPS EDM / TLS version operability issues with Firefox is addressed in this release
wi01219341 - After configuring ISID under VLAN, there were missing MAC entries while doing SNMP MIB walk using dot1dTpFdbAddress (
wi01224061 - When using EDM and setting Radius access, then web/telnet/console set web/telnet type: Radius Authentication and enter Read-only Password, the Read-Write Password then apply. When trying to access after apply, access was only allowed with default RO/RW of user/secure.
wi01229459 - DHCP packets were getting copied to CPU and dropped when the dhcp-relay was enabled globally
wi01224029 - Unable to login to EDM with a username with more than 16 characters
wi01222632 A software exception in tCDTMain task is now fixed in this release
wi01229461 - Two UBP filter were applied to a port for the same PC thus blocking user traffic
wi01210801 - EDM displays no power measurement for cisco AP
wi01224195 The new SFP for 100BASE-FX(LC), AA1419074-E6 was not working properly
wi01223961 A tDHCP exception in the base unit of a 2-unit stack is now fixed.
wi01225337 - After adding 30 more nodes in a SPB domain, high CPU utilization was observed on the newly added nodes and end devices were intermittently not reachable
wi01210690 The switch could not be accessed after deleting a user by ACLI, while that same user was connected via EDM
wi01211320 - User could not login through EDM after the warning message regarding password expiration for that user was generated
wi01210770 The switch could not be accessed by users configured on 5.7, when those users had a nonconforming password
wi01205602 - The password aging time and history parameters were defaulted after upgrading to 5.8.0
ACE-Fx #00050