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Author Topic: ERS8800 bandwidth reduced after upgrade  (Read 1842 times)

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ERS8800 bandwidth reduced after upgrade
« on: May 28, 2014, 03:23:08 PM »

I would really appreciate if someone could help me with an issue i recently found in my network (see attachment) after upgrading ERS8800s from version 7.1.0 to 7.2.10.

- I have two layer 2 ERS5698 connected to two ERS8800s via dual SMLT links.
- Theres an IST between the two ERS8800s
- Each 8800 connects individually to a L3 ERS5698 via LACP ( 4 links of 1 Gig each)

Before the upgrade, I used to be able to successfully send two streams of approx 900MB across the LAG ..from ERS5698 "E"and "F"  to ERS5698 "B" ( See diagram - Stream1 - from K to M; and Stream2 - from L to N). After the upgrade, only one stream is fully sent. The other stream starts dropping any traffic beyond 570MB.

The same behavior is observed when traffic is sent between the 2 L2 ERS5698s "E" and "F" though the ERS8800: only 570MB of the test 900MB is sent... the rest gets dropped.

Has anyone faced this type of situation before? Any suggestions?


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Re: ERS8800 bandwidth reduced after upgrade
« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2014, 04:58:21 PM »
Any port level errors?  What version are the 5698's running?