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Author Topic: ERS8600 SMLT Square and excessive ARPs (affecting wireless)  (Read 1654 times)

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we have 4 ERS8600s running in an SMLT square, unfortunately we have 2 code versions running on each pair, on the remote site and on our local site. We are seeing a lot of ARp requests across our wireless network (motorola) but more concerning we are seeing a lot of ARP requests among the cores as if they cannot see each other. We have VLACP running across the link to the remote site which is running fine but if we take a capture of the link across we see lots of ARP from Core 1 trying to see who core 3 is even though they are logically connected to each other.
39433   23.835222   NortelNe_a5:5a:33   Broadcast   ARP   60   Who has  Tell   

There are around 150 requests during a 1second period even though these 2 cores are located across a VLACP link to each other.

These ARP requests are killing the wireless in conjunction with (DUP!) ICMP packets when the issue arises. It is also intermittent but has been going on for about 3 weeks now.

Can anyone tell me if it's something to do with the old code, I know there was a historic ARP issue with some older code levels. Also, why the cores are ARPing each other so much and why across the wireless we are seeing "FLOOD" packets??

Any assistance would be appreciated, we have engaged Avaya to no avail yet and also Motorola but nobody can nail down the issue either way.


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Re: ERS8600 SMLT Square and excessive ARPs (affecting wireless)
« Reply #1 on: June 22, 2014, 10:37:59 AM »
I would advise that you upgrade... but in the short term you might try adjusting the MAC/FDB timers to see if that helps.

config vlan x fdb-entry aging-time 21601

If you are getting that many ARP requests a second I doubt this will help... there's a problem else where.

Good Luck!
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