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Author Topic: ERS55xxx - ASIC  (Read 197 times)

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ERS55xxx - ASIC
« on: November 12, 2018, 03:58:05 AM »
   I have been looking for information about the ASIC layout on the Avaya ERS55xx ( 10 & 20 )
we are in the process of setting up two switches for a new small server room. It will consist of 2 x 5520 stacked.

Port 1/47 and 2/47 will be an MLT to Client Stack A

Port 1/48 and 2/48 will be an MLT to Client Stack B

on the server stack we have  CSV and CL connections from the servers. to ensure that they are all contained in the ASIC 1 ASIC for the csv and one for the CL.
Below is what is done so far.

Id   Name                 Type     Protocol         PID     Active IVL/SVL Mgmt
---- -------------------- -------- ---------------- ------- ------ ------- ----
1    VLAN #1              Port     None             0x0000  Yes    IVL     Yes
        Port Members: 1/1-2,1/7-34,1/43-48,2/1-2,2/7-34,2/43-48
2    Cluster Link         Port     None             0x0000  Yes    IVL     No
        Port Members: 1/39-42,2/39-42
3    CSV                  Port     None             0x0000  Yes    IVL     No
        Port Members: 1/35-38,2/35-38
4    DMZ-2                Port     None             0x0000  Yes    IVL     No
        Port Members: NONE
5    DMZ                  Port     None             0x0000  Yes    IVL     No
        Port Members: NONE
6    WAN                  Port     None             0x0000  Yes    IVL     No
        Port Members: 1/3-4,2/3-4
7    WAN2                 Port     None             0x0000  Yes    IVL     No
        Port Members: 1/5-6,2/5-6

But I'm not sure if its correct, Any advice or suggestions gratefully received


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Re: ERS55xxx - ASIC
« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2019, 12:37:35 PM »
ERS 5XXX and ES4XX switch ASICS are grouped, but not group-switched technology.  12 ports each ASIC, with 10 Gig and Cascade ports separate ASICs.  Wire-speed switching on each port forwarding to the backplane, so you won't overrun the port buffers if QOS is set correctly.

I would recommend setting your QOS as follows:
qos agent buffer large
qos agent queue-set 2

The 5600 can run lossless, the 5520 cannot.
Two queues will allow you to add another QOS service in the future - say Video or Voice.  When you do that, you will need to create a QOS interface group that is 'trusted' so all DSCP markings are passed transparently.
qos if-group name AV class trusted   
qos if-assign-list add portlist 1/1-1/38,2/35-2/38 name AV