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Author Topic: ERS-5600 - SW v6.6 Features (Beta-Test)  (Read 2757 times)

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ERS-5600 - SW v6.6 Features (Beta-Test)
« on: July 12, 2013, 03:10:40 AM »
AVAYA offers Beta-Test with v6.6 for ERS-5600

My favorites are the SSH-Client, OOB Mgmt Port and configurable inactivity timeout for EDM.

ERS 5600 6.6 Features (Beta-Test)

Small Core / ToR
ARP Scaling: 4k total entries
ping/traceroute per VRF
VRF Stacking

802.1X: default all settings per port
802.1X: Fail_Open Continuity Mode
802.1X: max-clients
802.1X: NEAP Not Member of VLAN
802.1X: Neap Phone (Avaya Support)
802.1X: NEAP freeform password
802.1X: support 802.1X-2004
Change RADIUS password
Remove NSNA
SSH Client

Management and Operations
CLI: interfaces mode Rename FastEthernet
CLI: list command
EDM: configurable inactivity timeout
EDM: improved download support
EDM: Password change via EDM
FLASH History
IPv6 MLDv1 (demo)
Link State Tracking
OOB Mgmt Port Agent & IPV6 Support
Port Mirroring: RSPAN (Layer2 Remote Port Mirroring)
RO User: Allow Telnet and Ssh
Run Scripts - run ip office, run adac, run lldp, run voice
SFTP enhancements
Show TCP Ports
SLAmon Phase 1 & Phase 2
USB Adaptor Console Cable
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