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Author Topic: ERS 4524GT switches To be donated To basic school - newbie questions  (Read 2329 times)

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Hallo  all,

Our basic school is offered 4 of these older switches for free, with stack cables, which is very welcome as our network is still on 100mbps unmanaged switches plus we're on a very limited budget.
I was told the switches are on fw/sw in the 5.1 range.

I have some questions:
- there are no support cont(r)acts or anything, which is fine by me, but can I use the switches? (I have no clue about nortel/avaya legal requirements concerning switches)
- are there free sw/fw upgrades to be had or not
- if yes, is there a 'best' sw/fw combination for this switch (my needs are quite simple: I only need some
VLANS and the extra speed)
- any other suggestions welcome

If these are inappropriate questions I apologise, I sent an email to avaya but no response.

Thanks for all useful info.

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Re: ERS 4524GT switches To be donated To basic school - newbie questions
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2014, 04:08:31 PM »
You can certainly use the switches even though you don't have a support contract. However, for software upgrades you will require a support contract. You can speak to an Avaya partner in your area.  Release 5.1 is quite old, but still better than unmanaged switches.  :)

I think a good Avaya partner would/should seize the opportunity to assist a school in converting to Avaya at a reasonable cost.   ;D

As for the "no response"... Avaya deals mainly through partners (or if you had a support contract). Maybe that's the reason. But yes, they should have at least responded to say just that.

Do you know any Avaya partners in your area?

No need to apologise. Nothing wrong with your questions.