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Author Topic: EAPOL on MLT / LACP link  (Read 700 times)

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EAPOL on MLT / LACP link
« on: August 18, 2019, 09:48:28 AM »

I have a stack of ERS5900 POE switches in my closet and I want to connect some Cisco SG350-10MP switches that I want to use as desktop switches to connect phones etc. To get enough power to the phones behind the Cisco switches I want to use 2 x 60Watt on a MLT between my ERS5900 stack and my Cisco switches.

ERS5900  ============ Cisco SG350-10MP ------------ Voip phone / desktop etc
                   MLT                                                   EAPOL
                   2x60Watt POE                                  POE
The reason I want to do EAPOL on the ERS5900 stack: The Cisco switches are on the desktops, which means that I can not trust the link between the Cisco and the ERS5900. Someone could remove the Cisco and connect a device directly to the uplink port of the Cisco switch.

One solution to this problem I was thinking of, is not making it an MLT link but only use one of the 2 uplink ports of the Cisco switch for data, which would downgrade the uplink from 2 Gbit to 1Gbit. This should be enough. The second link between the ERS5900 and the Cisco would then be POE only.

Does anyone know of a different solution?

- power the Cisco switch with POE so it has enough power to power phones connected to the Cisco switch.
- The link between the ERS5900 stack and the Cisco switches needs to be secure. (EAPOL on the uplink ports)
- The client ports on the Cisco switches need to be EAPOL / 802.1x enabled.

Best regards,
Jan Hugo Prins