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Author Topic: Avaya VSP 9000 SNMPv2c  (Read 3514 times)

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Avaya VSP 9000 SNMPv2c
« on: August 24, 2016, 05:43:14 AM »
Hi all.

I have a problem getting SNMPv2c to work on the VSP9000 series routers. We use Solarwinds Orion for network monitoring and reporting and SNMP works fine with all other Avaya and even Hirschman switches but I just can't get anything from the VSP 9000 or VSP 4000 devices. Here is what I have tried on a VSP9000 so far:
snmp-server authentication-trap enable
snmp-server community xxxxxxxx index first secname initialview
snmp-server contact OfficeName
snmp-server force-iphdr-sender enable
snmp-server force-trap-sender enable
snmp-server host <IP of Orion server> port 161 v2c SNMPv2c filter SNMPfilterv2c
snmp-server location Location
snmp-server name RouterName
snmp-server sender-ip <IP of Orion server>
snmp-server user test1 md5 xxxxxxxxx
snmp-server group ro "" no-auth-no-priv notify-view 20

I'm not to sure of the snmp-server host and snmp-server sender-ip. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Re: Avaya VSP 9000 SNMPv2c
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2016, 10:45:31 AM »
I have only configured SNMPv3 so far. Maybe you should consider to go with SNMPv3 for encryption.

Check out this blog post from the networkautobahn:

Itīs always the networks fault!

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Re: Avaya VSP 9000 SNMPv2c
« Reply #2 on: December 29, 2016, 08:31:13 AM »
Hello, for Avaya VSP , you should get the latest mib file rapid_city.mib, the OID are :
CPU Utilization: (rcKhiSlotCpuCurrentUtil)
Memory Utilization %: (rcKhiSlotMemUtil)
All OID specific to VSP contains the keyword rcKhi
Hope it will help all VSP avaya users
Best Regards
Bertrand Bordereau
Senior Network Consultant