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Title: Avaya 4850gts +pwr
Post by: MikeKuttz on May 18, 2018, 11:46:38 AM

Ive joined these forms looking for some assistance in updating my new to me 4850's.

I run a 14 site network using all 5520 switches with the latest firmware.
I purchased the 4850's in hopes of utilizing their 10gb capabilities.

I have not been on avayas site for awhile and was surprised to see they sold off their switches to Extreme. and I've missed the window to download all the old software.

So here lays my predicament.
Extreme has the newer firmware and images from 5.9 onward hosted on their site. To upgrade to 5.9 and above I need SW:5.6.5
Of course the used switches came with 5.6.2.

The avaya rep I used when I purchased a support for my 5520's hasnt returned my calls, I assume they have blasted everything from their possession at this point.

How can I go about finding 5.6.5? Has anyone made an archive of the old versions, or something similar, or a number I can call?

I just hope I'm not completely boned for upgrading these switches.

Appreciate the help.
Title: Re: Avaya 4850gts +pwr
Post by: orgitnized on May 18, 2018, 04:26:33 PM
If you have a contract with Avaya or Extreme, you can still download the software the same way you did before.  There hasn't been any changes on the website, and the software updates have always required you to register the device with support for software upgrades.