• October 23, 2020, 11:12:07 PM
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Author Topic: Anyone have a solution to block SNMP ver. 1 & 2 so it does not even process?  (Read 1045 times)

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Offline oldNortelguy

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Our security group has ramp'ed up their tool-set intensity the past few years. One thing that has begun happening because the 8600's function as a core with many VLANs for different floors and many IP's for each VLAN and a VRRP address, that they will be hitting 20-30 IP's on same switch at same time testing SNMP. It will stress the CPU and cause it to switch to the standby processor. I would like to instead of processing the SNMP query and failing the login attempt based on password, to I setup an access policy that if not coming from a specific IP (our Solarwinds Orion server and a few JDM stations) that it will ignore/ deny/ drop the SNMP query. Anyone have a similar setup I assume in access policy config?

Offline MatzeKS

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Are you referring to the ERS-8600 and/or VSP-8600 ?
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Offline oldNortelguy

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sorry,  ERS-8600

Offline TankII

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The ERS and ES series edge switches use IPMGR.  Very easy.
In the 8600, you can build an access policy.
Quick snag from an old config.

access-policy 1 mode deny
access-policy 1 rlogin snmpv3 tftp
access-policy 5 name "SNMP Server" mode deny network 10.X.X.X 32 username ""
access-policy 5 ssh telnet tftp