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Author Topic: 8600 default route is active in static routes, wont show up in routes list.  (Read 2977 times)

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Offline oldNortelguy

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I am building a test/ lab 8600. I can connect via same layer II LAN but not off LAN. Typical default route symptom. After some digging I noticed the default route I added in a static routes it there and enabled (though shows "inactive") but when I click on the "Routes" tab in JDM there is only the 2 routes for the VLANs active on the switch, no default route? As a FYI the next hop on the default is an IP I can ping on LAN so the VLAN is active and has a member. I can even see MACs for that VLAN of multiple layer II hosts it sees. Any idea why the default route wont populate?
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Offline oldNortelguy

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Here is a snapshot of the 2 tabs. top is actual routes, bottom show static def. route, enabled but note status is inactive. Any idea why?
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Offline Dominik

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Only when the next hop is reachable an static route becomes active.
So I would suggest your next hop is nor reachable.

Itīs always the networks fault!