• January 26, 2021, 01:24:13 AM
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Author Topic: 5500 SFP connect to a Huawei SFP GPON and a XWRT Vortex router using PPPOE VLAN3  (Read 1127 times)

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Offline hieppo

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I will be getting Gigabit FTTH service soon. The 5500 is currently set as a internal LAN switch. However, I was thinking of using it as an input stream from the fibre service. The service is using a hub that has a Huawei SFP GPON adapter.

1. Would this SFP adapter work with the 5500?
2. Is it possible to trunk the input and tag it for VLAN35?
3. Would the XWRT Vortex router able to authenticate with PPPOE?

Anyone has experience in this?  It seem the Ubiqiti Edge router is able to perform this.  I would think it is a lightweight switch compared to a 5500.

Any help/thoughts would be appreciated.



Offline hieppo

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OK, played around and got the basic VLAN setup.

The SFP GPON lit up and I was able to configure the VLAN35 (TAGGED) on the SFP port48. Port 46 was VLAN35 (UNTAGGED). Port 44 VLAN1 default setup. All other ports were kept as VLAN1.

Optical go into the SFP GPON port48. CAT6 cable plug into port46 and other end to WAN port of the XWRT. CAT6 from LAN port back of the XWRT to port44 of Baystack.

All home network on VLAN1.

This was able to get me to my standard setup to get internet bypassing the provider hub/router.

A more detail question would be if there are any special settings to maximize throughput of the gigabit fibre.

As a comparison
1. Using the built in speedtest inside provider hub interface result in 1.1Gbps/900Mbps.
2. Using double NAT (2 separate subnet) provider hub (using PPPOE to authenticate) LAN to XWRT router, speedtest drops to 950Mbps/600Mbps
3. Remove the provider hub altogether and using the SFP ONT and using the XWRT to authenticate PPPOE, teh speed drops to 780Mbps/780Mbps.

Any comments or suggestion would be appreciated.