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Author Topic: Does anyone have experience with WAP 9122, i am triying to update, licenses?  (Read 2758 times)

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    • adolfo zameza
i have a couple of brand new aps WAP 9122 with this firmware

Avaya Wi-Fi Access Point
AvayaOS Version 7.0.1-4942
Copyright (c) 2005-2014 Avaya, Inc.

i wish to upgrade to the latest version but using web interface does only uploaded the image file but does not update the device at all

and when using the CLI the ap ask for a license ...

APSITE(config)# file active-image XS-8.1.3-6662.bin
Checking image integrity ....... failed
Software image license check failed. Please contact Avaya Customer Support (support-avaya.com) to request a new license key. Image will be deleted
Do you want to proceed? [yes/no]: no

what´s going on? ... i hate licensing for updating...
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    • adolfo zameza
hi there.... i found the solution, in the avaya support site.

in fact you must get to obtain a version 7.0.7 and update to this using FTP, i tried TFTP with no success.
i Did not test web interface and WOS.

version 7.0.7 removes all license restrictions about updating and after that, you can go straight to the desired version.

APSITE# show system-info

Hardware Configuration
Model: WAP9122, 1.0GB (400MHz)

Component      Part Number       Serial Number     Date
---------      ---------------   ---------------   -----------------
System         WAP9122           A270519019288     2015-May-11  9:35
Controller     100-0167-001.A    0000103048        2015-May-11  9:35
IAP Module 1   100-0166-002.2    0002142322        2015-May-11 14:00
IAP Module 2   100-0166-002.2    0002142154        2015-May-11 14:00

Interface    MAC Address(es)
----------   --------------------------
IAPs         64:a7:dd:30:4e:20-30:4e:3f
Gigabit  1   64:a7:dd:01:92:88
Gigabit  2   64:a7:dd:01:92:89

Software Configuration
Component         Version
---------------   -----------------------------------
SCD Firmware      5.00  (Oct  1 2012), Build: 4651
Boot Loader       7.1.0 (Jul 11 2016), Build: 7140
IAP Driver        3.1.0 (Jun 20 2016), Build: 4222
System Software   8.1.3 (Jul 11 2016), Build: 6662
App Signatures    unknown
Flash Memory      eMMC Flash Disk
License Key       1TFKJ-P748L-U4W47-3P9R4
License Features  AOS 8.1 for 2 4x4 radios + RF Performance Manager + RF Analysis Manager + RF Security Manager + 802.11n

Time this boot: Tue 2016-Sep-13 20:45:02 GMT

APSITE(config-file)# active-image                   
  BIN-FILE  New software image file name (filename must end in '.bin')
  BIN-FILE  XS-8.1.3-6662.bin