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Title: The possibility that the Alteon is problem?
Post by: Kenneth_Kwon on January 26, 2016, 08:59:13 PM
Two weeks ago, I posted its relevant question becuase I should configure Alteon 3408
After that, thanks to you guys devices, everything is OK, every packet flows well.
However, now I have focused on the speed...

Whenever I connect or access the web servers, the access speed markedly slow.
However, it is fast sometimes...
That is, slow, fast, slow, fast --- continuous
[The data]
Please see the below network structure. (attachment)

[The things that I want to know]
As you can see the data, the structure is not complicated.
To tell the truth, I don't know what device is the problem.
and I also don't know what can I see in order to fix it?
I just want to know whether Alteon's problem.
If so, how can I control it.