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Author Topic: Wifi Issues  (Read 2640 times)

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Wifi Issues
« on: July 30, 2014, 09:22:46 AM »

I have a somewhat of a strange request

We have the Motorola Wifi solution deployed in our work place and we seem to have all sorts of issues i.e. sometime Apple device would not connect to the guest wifi, the APs need regular reboot etc.

I would like to get an expert on this product on site to review some of the issues with us.
Can any one recommend a firm they have used in the past who have good expertise with on this product.

We are based in the UK

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Re: Wifi Issues
« Reply #1 on: July 31, 2014, 05:49:26 AM »
If nobody replies to you in this forum, you can take a look here:


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Re: Wifi Issues
« Reply #2 on: September 17, 2014, 12:12:45 PM »
  is your wifi soloution using a ws5xxx ? we had some strange issues like that, Things we did was alter the DTIM
and alter the dot11i timeings
Have you setup a syslog ?  what errors are showing or reason codes ?