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Author Topic: RFS6000 excessive broadcasts  (Read 3182 times)

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RFS6000 excessive broadcasts
« on: September 01, 2014, 10:07:47 AM »

I am new to the world of Motorola and I am hoping someone can shed some light on the issue we are experiencing with our Motorola RFS6000 controller.

Model = RFS-6010-1000-WR
Software =
12 x AP650 connected to the controller.

The RFS 6000 and the 12x 650 AP's have been installed and working with no issues for between 18 and 24 months.
Just recently we have been experiencing network performance issues onsite and when we run wire shark we can see a lot of broadcast traffic from the Motorola RFS6000.
On investigation is appears the traffic is related to the mint protocol but there are a lot of malformed packets in the traffic been transmitted.
If we reboot the RFS6000 unit it settles down and the amount of broadcasts for Mint are massively reduced and the network returns to normal performance.

Looking at the logs on the RFS6000 I cannot see anything to suggest the controller is trying to adopt a new AP or readopt an existing AP wich has dropped off the network.

My questions are:

1) What is an acceptable amount of broadcast traffic for Mint?
2) Is it possible something on the network is triggering this excessive broadcast of Mint traffic from the RFS6000?
3) Does anyone have a link to a document which explans the mint protocol and the process of adopting AP's?

If you need any additional information please let me know.

Thank you


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Re: RFS6000 excessive broadcasts
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2014, 02:00:00 AM »
Welcome to the wonderful world of Motorola WLAN :)

I don't have the exact answer for you but I would suggest that you upgrade to version 5.4.4
(forgive me for sounding like Moto Support!)

The .0 releases are always buggy and I would not be surprised if an upgrade to 5.4.4 fixes your problem.

There are newer releases but I always find 5.4.4 to be rock solid - good for a beginner