• November 26, 2020, 06:43:22 AM
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Author Topic: RFS6000 become very slow(actully not work) after adopting the access point  (Read 3544 times)

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Offline hchen01

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One customer reported that they can't login to the RFS6000, after rebooting the WLC, it will be only several seconds that you can log onto the WLC, then became to very slow, and the wireless network was not working.

Testing I have done:

disconnect the WLC from the network, reboot, all OK, no issue

set the WLC to factory default, connect to network, no issue

load the setting, connect to the network, same issue

disable the adoption of all AP and connect the wlc to the network, no issue

finally, I found that even if one access point was connected to the wlc, it became very slow and the wireless network was not work.

WLC: RFS6000 firmware 5.3.1-009r,

AP, AP650 local same sub network, not IP address; AP6521 Remote site network

Nothing has been changed on the wlc (and I load the old configuration onto the WLC, same issue).

Has anybody experienced the similar issue?

Thanks a lot!

Offline McNulty

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I have never seen this but I think you can guess what Moto's recommendation will be? Yes you are correct they will ask you to upgrade the firmware to the latest version :)

Maybe to narrow down the problem you can run the command "service show sysinfo" this will show the CPU load %.
Maybe you can quickly run this command in the few seconds you can log in? Also run it with no AP adopted to compare?

There is also another command to "show top processes" but I can't think of it right now.

Offline vibhu17

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hchen01, can you try reconfigure WM from scratch. There are chances that some change got saved, that might got unnoticed. As McNulty said, also config the CPU load.

Offline hchen01

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Great thank for your help, the reply from MOTO:

if I may suggest, can you factory default the RFS6000 and upgrade the firmware to WiNG 5.4.4, and diagnose whether the same issue is happening or otherwise.

I have done the command : "service show sysinfo"
frozen screen when the RFS6000 was connected to the network (but I can get the result by running "show ip int brief", "show ip arp", although I need to wait more than 1 minute)

if it was not connected to the network, all OK(50% memory, less than 3% CPU)

I will get a new RFS6000 loading the same configuration to test if it is a hardware issue tomorrow, and will update the result.

Thanks again!

Offline hchen01

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should it be a issue caused by the faulty ethernet frame (maybe from faulty AP650)?

I will try to disable level 1 adoption and only allow level 2 adoption tomorrow.

Offline hchen01

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issue solved by disable the event-system-policy.