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Author Topic: RFS6000 and AP650 in local bridging mode  (Read 4569 times)

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RFS6000 and AP650 in local bridging mode
« on: December 11, 2013, 12:31:51 PM »
Hi all,

We use two RFS6000 (WING 5.4.4) in a cluster and AP650.
I have read, that with this configuration, it should be possible to route traffic directly to the network without going through the switch. I have also read that this behavior is controlled via the MINT protocol, so that the AP650 find the best path for traffic. The MINT protocol I think, is working properly, on the cli console with the command "show mint neighbors" I see all AP650:

SWFUS050#sh mint neighbors
68 mint neighbors of 19.6C.A2.A1:
19.6C.A9.6B (SWFUS051) at level 1, 2 adjacencies, 2 UP adjacencies, best adjacency vlan-7
19.9E.25.84 (402008254-2584) at level 1, best adjacency vlan-7
19.9E.28.40 (402008250-2840) at level 1, best adjacency vlan-7

So, I think, that if I search on the LAN-Switch for a mac address of a wireless client, I should find them on the LAN-switch port, where the AP is connected, but I find the mac always on the port where the RFS6000 is connected, and I fear, all traffic goes over this port.

So I change under WLAN > Basic Configuration > Bridging Mode into "local". After this change, the mac address of the wireless client is located at the switch-port port of the AP650. So far, so good.
But now, I have the Problem, that I cannot ping the wireless client from the LAN-Switch. From wireless client I can ping the LAN Switch!
Also, my wish is, to separate the data-traffic of the wireless client from the control-traffic (p.e the MINT traffic) from RFS600 to the AP650 (put in different VLAN's and use two ports at the RFS6000 with corresponding VLAN's). For this, I put the ethernet port ge1 of the AP650 into trunking mode and change the default VLAN on AP650 and the port of the LAN-Switch to VLAN7. But the problem still exist, no ping to the wireless client from the LAN-switch.

Hope anybody can understand my question and maybe can help me.


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Re: RFS6000 and AP650 in local bridging mode
« Reply #1 on: December 17, 2013, 02:58:17 AM »
Hi Michael,

where you able to ping the client while using Tunnel mode?
In other words, are you sure there is nothing blocked at the client side (firewall, etc)?

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Re: RFS6000 and AP650 in local bridging mode
« Reply #2 on: December 18, 2013, 04:34:46 AM »
Hi keezz,

thank you for your answer.
In the meantime, I have solved this problem, but I can't understand this:
I had created a separate network ( and give my cisco switch (3750G) a secondary ip address for vlan 1 from this range. This dosn't work.
Then I put my wireless devices into the same ip address range of the cisco switch ( and now I can ping all devices from the cisco switch...