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Author Topic: Redundancy  (Read 2234 times)

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« on: June 22, 2015, 05:34:07 AM »
  Currently we have 2 ws5100 ( old Symbol / Motorola ) wireless controllers setup as a primary / backup

and this works, but now its time to upgrade the units to the RFS7000, These are at the moment running FW 4.4 as this looks very simlar to the V3.3.5.

So here is the problem I seem to have.


on the old switches there are two ethernet ports Eth 1 Eth 2. Eth 1 has vlan 2100 assigned for the AP's which is connected to an ES3000 POE Switch. this port is Access


Eth 2 is the RON - ( Trunked ) and is tagged native Vlan 1 but also has vlan 10 assigned ( vlan 10 is for the hotspot and routes out off the network to an adsl router.


So On the RFS7000 I have set GE1 with vlan 1 & vlan 10 Assiged ) and trunked, Vlan 1 is Native Tagged. this is connected to the network stack.

GE2  has vlan 2100 assiged to it  and set to access only and is connected to the ES3000,

I can connect to the RFS7000 from the local network fine,

From the RFS7000 I can ping the ws5100, but from the ws5100 i can not ping the RFS7000.

The two RFS7000 can ping each other, but can not see each other in the redundancy menu.

At present there are 20 AP300 this is why the FW is a V4 so we can continue to use them while we wait for the AP621 to arrive. Once the config is working I should then be able to run the config through the config migration tool up to V5. But that seems a long way off at present. As I'm not sure why the two switches ( ws5100 ) can see each other via the redundancy menu, but the RFS7000 can not. I have checked the configs aginst the old switches and they look the same.

The ports the RFS7000 plug into on the main network are in the have Vlan's as the working units.

Any help please  ;D

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Re: Redundancy
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2015, 01:29:03 AM »
Good news is that you can manage your AP300 from version 5. As long as you don't have any old AP200 you will be fine.